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    Effective marketing as we know it takes a lot of effort in this disruptive era of media proliferation and lowering attention spans. Marketers of all hues have been beating

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    It ain't over till it's over. ” American football legend Yogi Berra's quote perfectly fits Ratan Naval Tata a man with a ready sometimes intimidating list of unfinished

  • The visit of a ‘non- official’ delegation led by Yashwant Sinha, former foreign minister in the Vajpayee government to Srinagar to meet Syed Ali Shah Geelani and other Hurriyat leaders,

  • Contrary to ordinary perception, a large sinking ship can get people to rush on board — except that it has to be the ship of politics. The raging blood

  • India’s bid for membership to the Nuclear Supplier’s Group (NSG) is likely to depend on the nuclear group, drafting new guidelines for admitting countries that are not signatories to the

  • A day after Ajit B Kerkar was summarily ousted by a tough-as-nails Ratan Tata as he set about dismantling the zamindars and jagirdars who had acquired a larger than life

  • A year after the 1857 revolt had been well and truly quelled, the British in India embarked upon their first major administrative voyage, the Act for the Better Government of

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    In the business-to-busi­ness marketing emails are critical for lead generation. It is a tried and tested technique for some time now

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    The BCCI cannot play the role of an arsonist and a fireman at the same time. If it’s looking for sympathy not much is forthcoming

  • Today the security set-up of an industrial or business enterprise is no more a minor adjunct of the establishment that employs a certain number of watchmen and their supervisors to