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    Had Prime Minister Narendra Modi been a cricket player, commentators would have applauded him for his big match temperament — the man who the team turns to in a crisis.

  • When a large democracy produces a decisive verdict it clearly shows that a preponderant majority of people in that country have convergence of thought on what would fundamentally serve their

  • President-elect Donald Trump, whose unexpected victory sent ripples through world capitals, pledged to “get along with all nations willing to get along with us” in his victory speech. Trump’s main focus during the campaign was on making “America great again”, on the economy, trade and immigration.

  • The British media has been less than enthused about its prime minister Theresa May’s recent visit to India, coming as it did at the height of the US elections.

  • Nov

    By developing the right methods one can increase the results from a campaign.
    If you are in the business-to-business (B2B) marketing you know that your campaigns are a tad

  • Nov

    One of the tragic consequences of Subedar Ram Kishen Grewal’s suicide was his sudden escape from the death grip of obscurity to become a symbol of endemic systemic failure.

  • The Advent of the Age of Information has redefined the concept of ‘leadership’ and also put in place a set of new parameters about the ways of functioning that make

  • Nepal and India are moving ahead to restore their ties after the agitation in Nepal’s Madhes region led to cutting off the main supply routes from the Indian border, in

  • A strange paralysis of objective thinking seems to grip Indian government when in power. They may well be left of centre or ultra right as the present dispensation is

  • The mother of all political battles is already underway and from all indications available from Uttar Pradesh thus far, it is going to be an almighty scrap between votaries of