• Nov

    Two things one can glean post Aamir Khan’s intolerance comment. One the party in question is getting its act together

  • Last year, as prime minister Narendra Modi went about reorienting Indian foreign policy, he prioritised and rebranded the Look East policy into a dynamic Act East policy. He spelled

  • India is in the throes of great depression. Sudd-enly the one word that has gained currency both inside and outside the country like none other is ‘intolerance

  • Nov

    In the brouhaha over election results, victories and losses, losers and gainers, and saturation coverage of all angles, including some that simply do not exist, there is a growing feeling

  • The terrorist attacks in Paris shocked the world and brought home to western leaders the dangers of the Islamic State. The IS burst onto the international scene in June

  • From Nobel to noodle it’s been a somewhat unsavoury week for yoga guru-turned-businessman (or businessman-turned-yoga guru) Baba Ramdev. Just when he finished carping about how he could have

  • Nov

    There are multiple reasons attributed to the rout of the BJP in the Bihar assembly elections. Yet more and more people both inside the BJP and outside

  • Prime minister Narendra Modi’s long anticipated visit to Britain has attracted great attention in both countries, especially with the British laying out the red carpet for him, but it is

  • There are some politicians in India who have made their bones as inveterate opponents of saffron politics, but unlike the others who may have followed a similar course and lost

  • Nov

    There was a time when I was fond of singing patriotic songs, the ones that glorify my motherland; I don’t do that anymore. I don’t, because I no longer