• Oct
    By Clive Crook, Bloomberg

    The argument over the risk Ebola poses to the US is getting cast as a disagreement between smart people who trust science and dumb people who panic for no reason.

  • Oct

    Prime minister Narendra Modi’s ‘make in India’ call has set an important strategic direction for the country’s businessmen, policymakers, and regulatory agencies. It has helped generate a healthy debate

  • Oct
    By Anatole Kaletsky, Reuters

    Europe is at a make or break moment. Two very different events on Sunday occurring at opposite ends of Europe will largely determine the entire continent’s direction

  • By Mohamed A El-Erian, Bloomberg

    The more I use Uber, the more I am convinced of the transformational power of recent technology innovations, especially when it is intelligently combined with behavioural science and economic principles.

  • Oct
    By Susan Visvanathan

    Bruno Bettelheim in Surviving and Other Essays wrote that genocide brings us two categories: the survivor and the victim. When we think of war as an industry which

  • Oct
    By Anatole Kaletsky

    What’s spooking the markets? One thing we can say for sure is that it is not the slightly weaker-than-expected retail sales that triggered the mayhem on Wall Street on Wednesday

  • By Dhiraj Nayyar

    This was a good week for Reserve Bank of India governor Raghuram Rajan. Euromoney named him the world’s best central banker

  • Sep
    By Edward Hadas, Reuters

    Edward Hadas

    Something may finally be changing in the study of economics. A new textbook half of which has now been published online is a small step in

  • By Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg

    Germany’s Deutsche Post DHL is poised to win bragging rights for introducing the world’s first scheduled delivery service using drones, beating Amazon, Google or any of the smaller US services

  • Sep
    By Dhiraj Nayyar, Bloomberg

    China’s president Xi Jinping played to stereotype when he described his country as the world’s factory and India as the world’s back office in an op-ed article heralding his arrival