• May
    By Ishita Sengupta & Paras Doshi

    India recently signed the ‘multilateral competent authority agreement on automatic exchange of financial account information. ’ Ninety-four countries have committed to exchange information from 2017 onwards as per agreed global

  • May

    Investors in gold bonds now have a reason to cheer, as there is a proposal to enable trading in these instruments. Trading will increase the liquidity in these instruments

  • Business-to-business marketing is undergoing a tectonic shift and companies will need to undergo major changes in order to succeed in these times when technology, social media and interactive multimedia change

  • May

    He came up against all odds faced incessant criticism and yet managed to reach the apex of political power. This in a nutshell describes prime minister Narendra Damodardas

  • Vacations are for relaxing, but it's hard to unwind when you're constantly st­ressing about how you're going to pay for. The key to any trip is being smart with your money and that starts even before you hit the road.

  • In the January/February issue of 2013, the Harvard Business Review ranked Subir Raha #13 among the 100 Best Performing CEOs of the world. Subir, unfortunately, could not rejoice in

  • When prime minister Narendra Modi spoke about ‘dosti’ in Iran, there was some comment that the word had the same meaning in both countries. Even a fleeting visit to

  • A country that has played generous host to many refugees in the world over the millennia, from Tibetans to Parsees, Afghans and Africans, now finds itself accused of racism, thanks

  • May
    By Suraj Nangia

    One of the best days for every salaried person is the payday. Your bank account is replenished along with your confidence to conquer a new month

  • May

    Many organisations today desire to change the culture and behaviour of employees. They spend a lot of resources on conducting training programmes and workshops to this end