• Jul

    When former prime minister Indira Gandhi announced general elections in January 1977 after nearly two years of internal Emergency, the most potent symbol of the authoritarian months was the subject

  • India and Central Asia have been connected through the ages by movement of people and goods and the resultant cultural influence on each other. But the close historical ties

  • Jun

    The NDA government is currently somewhat like a batsman cornered by relentless chin music. It is hopping around in the crease and ducking a barrage of bouncers

  • Jun

    The men and women of Team Modi are more faceless minions than dynamic ministers. Only a handful of them have been in the limelight on and off

  • Jun

    Interest rate is not the only factor that affects the investment cycle, the more important factor is demand, says Aneesh Srivastava, chief investment officer of IDBI Federal Life Insurance.

  • Jun

    Lakshmi Narayan has played a prominent role in Cognizant’s ascendancy to the top league of IT majors. He has also been spending quality time in promoting entrepreneurship among youngsters

  • When a group of elite commandos of the Indian army entered a largely undefined border with Myanmar on June 9 to exterminate militants responsible for the massacre of their 20

  • The very first policy pronouncement that prime minister Nar­endra Modi made last year was ‘Neighbours First’. He began his term with an invitation to south Asian leaders and followed

  • Jun

    In a bustling, loud and argumentative democracy like India, 2015 presents itself as a cauldron of cultural clashes, big and small. Nothing epitomises this clash better than the NDA

  • May

    In this column FC gives its view on new financial products launched in the market. This is a subjective view