• Oct
    By PC Jha

    The wise minister of a Mauryan king had advised that since all undertakings depend on finance, the king should pay foremost attention to the treasury. The efficacy of this

  • Oct

    One of my British mentors told me that technology waves are similar to a London red bus. You do not know exactly when will it come

  • Oct
    By Anil Choudhry

    As we all know, the country is currently seeing prolonged power cuts and blackouts in many regions, affecting all strata of society, including residential, commercial and industrial entities.

  • Oct

    Dear Prime Minister
    I write to you, with admiration of your newfound love for Bapu and to make a few earnest appeals.
    Since you became the prime minister of India, you

  • Oct

    OriginatING in the US the ‘energy star’ is an international standard for energy efficient consumer products. It was created in 1992 by the environmental protection agency (EPA) and

  • Oct

    Whether in business, government, non-profits, or elsewhere, what assumptions underpin your thinking about world economy trends? Expectations about where future growth will come from and their implications for global power

  • Sep

    Few issues in the higher education domain exist despite numerous contradictory views by academicians managers of education institutions and politicians. Whether colleges should ever become autonomous? Which areas

  • Sep

    Albert Camus famously wrote: ‘Life is the sum of all your choices’. This is true for individuals companies communities and countries

  • Sep
    By John Llyod, Reuters

    The Scots voted against independence on September 18, by a fair margin and most commentary from business leaders and financial analysts began with “a sigh of relief” — followed by

  • Sep

    Xi Jinping the president of the People’s Republic of China holds three important positions. Apart from being the formal head of state he is secretary general