• Sep

    There is a strange, sil­ent irony in the way the political party heading the national government is wooing Bihar’s votes and the nonchalant manner in which the national government has

  • Sep

    For nearly a 100 years the consulting industry has remained more or less the same. Intelligent and experienced consultants are engaged to crack the most complex business problems

  • Sep

    There isn’t much difference between what’s been happening recently in India and Bangladesh, with rationalists and freethinkers being butchered by fundamentalist elements. Na­rendra Dabholkar, Govind Pansare and MM Kalburgi

  • Sep

    A few years ago, the rapidly expanding relations between the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China were to be a determining facet of the new global order emerging

  • Sep

    Queen Elizabeth II has become the longest serving monarch in Br­itish history, breaking the record set by Queen Victoria who died in 1901 after reigning for 23,227days. For the

  • Sep

    With caste chauvinism raising its ugly head the country’s social fabric is being torn asunder once again. The several caste agitations riving the society could one day put

  • Sep

    The Chinese are consummate gamblers. If you visit a casino in any part of the world what strikes you is the dominance of Chinese faces at most of

  • Sep

    The central advisory board of education in its meeting on August 19, recommended revocation of no-detention policy up to class VIII and resumption of the secondary board examination after class

  • Sep

    It is a widely held belief that our new generation of millennials are setting-up startup companies only to become rich. My experience with startups is quite different

  • Aug

    Development and economic growth of nations is built upon the knowledge and skills of its citizens. Economic pundits and successive plan documents have referred to the large share of