• Apr
    By Mohamed A El-Erian, Bloomberg

    No market-moving news and no significant economic signals. That’s what traders should conclude this morning after a weekend full of policy meetings communiques and news media commentaries

  • Apr
    By Venkat Lokanathan

    Competitive political parties and election campaigns are central to the health of democracies like India. The Representation of the People Act (RPA) 1951 introduced limits on the

  • Apr

    The colonial presence of European powers in Asia had been very diverse. The Portuguese the Spaniards the French the Dutch the British the Germans

  • Apr
    By Lawrence Summers, Reuters

    The world’s finance ministers and central bank governors will gather in Washington this week for the twice yearly meetings of the International Monetary Fund. Though there will not be

  • Apr

    A few years ago Apple was feted as the most innovative company with an unassailable brand. Its products were unique

  • Apr
    By Robert Menendez, Reuters

    Last Saturday, Afghans went to the polls to elect a new president, marking a critical turning point in Afghanistan’s history and America’s role in the country. This election comes

  • Apr

    The first general election in independent India were stretched over a period of five months, from October 1951 to February 1952. But that was the time of ballot papers

  • Apr

    According to Mathias Aarre Maehlum, Energy Informative, one year’s worth of solar energy (radiant light and heat from the sun) reaching the surface of the earth would be twice the

  • Apr

    Could Russia’s annexation of Crimea result in stronger ties across the Atlantic? On the face of it, this suggestion seems laughable, given how often Europe and the US have fallen

  • Apr

    A few things that happen in the education world can never be explained by logic. All justification simply fails and numbers lose their identity