• Jun

    On June 23 British citizens will vote on whet­her to leave or stay in the European Union. Why sho­uld an­yone in India care about this vote? Maybe some Indians

  • May

    The ministry of human resource development (MHRD) is actively wo­rking on the contours of a hi­gher education financing ag­ency (Hefa), which has been proposed with the aim of fu­nding infrastructure

  • May

    Poetic flourishes flavour politics. Ghalib and Hafez flowed profusely to embellish the dosti diplomacy and deals between Iran and India during the prime minister’s recent visit to Tehran

  • May

    Unlike the UK Norway took a remarkable decision with its surplus North Sea oil revenues. It set up a sovereign wealth fu­nd (SWF) popularly known as the

  • May

    Prime minister Narendra Modi had laid strong emphasis on improved governance on taking over as head of the NDA government two years ago. Several measures were initiated in pursu­ance

  • May

    Great nations are built both on the speed and quality of their government’s decision making. In poor and aspiring societies like ours the concerns of the people are

  • May

    There is hardly any do­ubt that the city state of Singapore has one of the most efficient and corruption free administrations not only in Asia, but in the entire world.

  • May

    Marine fish catch is going down in rece­nt years by over 5 per cent per annum. There is a steep fall in the production of oil sardines

  • May
    By R Vaidyanathan

    In the past 30 years or so the importance of Jesus Christ has increased substantially in the US elections. This in a situation where ch­ristianity — in

  • May
    By Susan Visvanathan

    In a world where politicians deal with consu­merism and corruption with the same banality, what is happening in JNU must come as a puzzle to them. The Supreme Court