• Jan

    Soon we will celebrate another anniversary of our repu­blic, a republic o­s­t­ensibly of the people, for the people, by the people. But is that the reality? I doubt it

  • Dec

    The Fo­od Security Bill introduced in Parliam­ent by Prof KV T­h­o­mas aims to make a major dent on the hunger scenario in our country. When enacted, it will be

  • Dec

    As the curtains be­gin to come down on 2011 we leave behind an eventful ye­ar. The Arab spring has transformed the face of West Asia

  • Dec

    One of the foundational pillars of modern day capitalism is the sanctity of stock exch­anges and credibility of information traversing through the­m. Countries have made conscious efforts to empower

  • Dec

    Presumably, actions are taken because they are believed to have benefits that outweigh their costs, and, sometimes, actions are not taken because the benefits that might be realised are believed

  • Dec

    The fall of the In­dian rupee ag­ai­nst major currencies such as the US dollar, the Eu­ro, the British pound and the Japanese yen is slowly transforming from a problem for

  • Dec

    Contrary to the description in ma­ny Indian newspapers of the Durban climate conference as a victory for climate equity and a developing-country triumph, it was a disaster for global climate

  • Dec

    The historian Walter Russell Mead recently noted that after the 1990s revolution that collap­sed the Soviet Union, Russ­ians had a saying that seems particularly apt today: “It’s ea­sier to turn

  • Dec

    It is never easy to gauge the acceptance of the ch­a­nge process and the mood of a nation in a co­untry like India, which is almost a sub-continent with se­veral

  • Dec

    Corruption is worse than pr­o­s­titution. The latter might endanger the morals of an individual; the former invariably endangers the morals of the entire country
    —Karl Kraus

    Revolutions oc­c­ur when people c­ha­llenge