• Nov

    The United Nations has declared this year as the International Year of Cooperatives. FAO chose for the World Food Day on October 16 the theme “Agricultural Cooperatives —

  • Nov

    Charles Handy in his seminal wo­rk “Gods of Management” descri­bed four types of organisational culture and named them after four Greek gods: Zeus represents the Club culture. The leader

  • Nov

    “To balance China, democracies will need new friends — and India with its fast growing economy, youthful population, and democratic politics seems the obvious candidate.” — David Frum

    In the

  • Nov

    Fortunately the foundation of India has been laid on the honesty and integrity of the true aam admi. RK Lakshman created his own ‘common man’

  • Nov

    These are days of a huge hue-and-cry over lack of transparency in the workings of the central government, its subordinate agencies, state-run companies and state governments.
    Every corporate leader worth

  • Many a time public perception of risks diverges from the scientifically objective risk estimates. While this divergence is observed for different day-to-day risks of late it has

  • Nov

    At present a majority of European cou­ntries are passing through low economic growth. Th­eir industries and businesses are facing global competition and their major worry is acute shortage

  • Nov

    Today my column coincides with De­epawali the festival of lights. This is the celebrated day when Lord Rama started his journey for Ram Rajya (the ultimate form of

  • Nov

    China is in the pr­ocess of choosing its new leadership. In the People’s Republic this is not an issue of elections but of appointments by the Communist

  • Nov

    During the first half of this month the two most powerful nations on earth will have determined their leadership successions. In the past 48 hours Barack Obama