• Apr
    By roopen.roy@mydigitalfc.com

    I had read this joke some years ago: The son informs his father that he wants to choose organised crime as a career. Without batting an eyelid, the father

  • Apr

    “Unjust laws ex­ist:
    Shall we be content to
    obey them, or shall we
    endeavour to am­end them, and obey them until we
    have succeeded, or
    shall we transgress
    them at

  • Apr

    The decision of the Controller General of Pat­ents Designs and Trademarks of India to grant India’s first ever compulsory licence (CL) to an Indian generic pharmaceutical company, Natco Pharma, to

  • Apr

    Framing is nothing but setting an issue within an appropriate context to ach­ieve a desired interpretation or perspective. The intent of framing a problem (for example climate change) in

  • Apr

    Alarming disclosures are pouring in from Japan, wh­ich belie the official claim that the Fuk­ushima Daiichi reactors have been in a state of “cold shutdown”. Radioactivity inside the reactor

  • Apr

    Generally the university-ranking season comes ev­ery October. The Times Higher Education/Thomson Reuters br­ing out the World University Rankings report which is taken as a very reliable ranking

  • Apr

    In terms of disruptive innovations, the world is now, perhaps, at the sa­me kind of crossroads as it was during the late 19th century during which time, inventions like telephony,

  • Apr

    The chief of army staff (COAS) has once again opened up a can of worms, hinting at massive corruption in defence procurements. In a letter to the defence minister,

  • Mar

    In 1981 a young gentleman in Pune ventured out with just Rs 10 000 in hand to live a technology dr­eam. N R Narayana Mu­rthy ended up creating

  • Mar

    If there ever was really a race between China and India about success in wealth creation and development, the latest census figures prove that it has now been decided in