• Apr

    Maharashtra’s rationalist movement is very strong so is its socialist ideology popularly known as chalvalit la or ‘of the struggle’. Their ideolog­ues are a very special lot

  • Mar

    A trump card delivers the winning hand in ca­rds. But does that hold in US politics? With his fifteenth win in the primaries — notching up victories recently in

  • Mar

    Economic growth is contingent on the development of modern infrastructure. Several developments in the past decade have reinforced the urgency to develop air transport infrastructure in the country

  • Mar

    ISI, much like the Pakistani army, is largely based on the bravado of the Punjabi-dominated army officers with their instinctive proclivity towards violence. Islamisation of Pakistan over the decades

  • Mar

    The prevailing agra-rian crisis in several parts of our country has drawn into sharp focus the need for achieving income enhancement and security for farmers. This need has been

  • Mar

    Judging the quantity of knowledge that any higher education student has acquired is always a difficult task. The knowledge that students acquire in classroom learning is linked to their

  • Mar

    One of the major innovations of mankind is the ability to systematically learn, teach, transfer, store and retrieve information across generations. This unique ability to provide structured flow of

  • Mar

    Swachch Bharat and ‘make in India’ slogans are in vogue these days, though they increasingly sound as mere slogans rather than a national movement. While one has turned into

  • Mar

    There is so much debate on the ideological perspectives through which textbooks are written that attention to some core issues at the foundational sch­ool level gets marginalised. The conceptual

  • Mar

    Ian Robert Maxwell was born in Solotvyno now in Ukraine as Ján Ludvík Hyman Binyamin Hoch. He fled from the Nazi occupation of his home country and