• Mar

    A new trend seems to have emerged these days, I was appalled to be asked whether I am a sickular, bhakt, aaptard or libtard recently. Conversely, Infosys CEO Vishal

  • Mar

    You cannot win the world and then return to find you have lost in your own backyard. Politics is that kind of thing

  • What is a nation but it’s people? The Constitution is representative of the rights of citizens. We become its upholders when we are able to define our rights

  • Mar
    By Rohan Shridhar

    The poorest man may in his cottage bid defiance to all the force of the crown. ” This statement made by William Pitt in 1763 embodies the inviolable right

  • Mar

    From the beginning of this year the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs) have replaced the human development goals. Among 17 of these goals an important one is

  • Feb

    Politics is also about picking out trends. For it is said that you can have data without information but you cannot have information without data

  • Feb

    For many decades, it was common for Indian families to take the immigration route for their extended kith and kin to migrate to the United States. These included not

  • Feb
    By Vinay Goyal

    When it comes to solar, 2016 had been a remarkable year; for the first time solar out-performed fossils fuels on a large scale, thus emerging as the cheaper source of

  • Feb

    Reservation is a word that some administrators and intellectuals find problematic. This is in its own way against the tide for socially inclusive learning and companionship in an

  • Feb

    The entry of the Janata Dal (United) or JD(U) into Delhi politics was an event waiting to happen, and more so after Manoj Tiwari, Bhojpuri singer and actor and Bharatiya