• Dec

    The myth that China is only good for “ch­eap” products and that India is an IT super-power ne-eds to be debunked for the sake of India’s software industry. India’s

  • Dec

    Human trafficking and human rights violations are two critical issues plaguing humanity today. Although caste creed gender and race have an influence on the matter one

  • Nov
    By Rakesh Valecha

    The Land Acquisition Bill, 2013, which replaced the century-old Land Acquisition Act, 1894, has a balanced share of proponents and the parties involved (industry and landowners / affected families) have

  • Nov
    By Arun Nigavekar

    The past few deca-des have been a roller coaster ride for businesses/industries and higher education. From early 1980s till the end of the 20th century the world buzzed

  • Nov

    In the mid-1990s, while researching drivers of corporate excellence, we found that successful organisations had a deep-rooted philosophical orientation towards what we termed as total customer orientation (TCO). It

  • Nov
    By Susan Vishvanathan

    One of the ways to understand the relationship between industry and agriculture is to look at cash crops. Quite often farmers are rendered destitute when prices of cash

  • Nov
    By William Pesek, Bloomberg

    Joko Widodo’s rise from nowhere to Jakarta governor and then the presidential palace showed the wonders of Indonesia’s democracy. Now he wants to democratise the economy as well

  • Nov

    Public good research in agriculture is designed to promote risk minimising agronomy and also the ease of adoption by small and marginal farmers. For example, public good research institutions

  • Nov
    By Alan Posener, Reuters

    Germany it appears is the most respected country in the world. According to the Nation Brands Index Germany deposed the hitherto reigning champion the US

  • Nov
    By Pramath Raj Sinha

    Given the increasing incidence of non-communicable diseases in India — they now account for over 50 per cent of all deaths — the country is realising that it must urgently