• Sep

    It is a widely held belief that our new generation of millennials are setting-up startup companies only to become rich. My experience with startups is quite different

  • Aug

    Development and economic growth of nations is built upon the knowledge and skills of its citizens. Economic pundits and successive plan documents have referred to the large share of

  • Aug

    It’s a matter of pride to be a freethinker, atheist and blogger in a civilised society; as such people are loved and respected by the masses. The renowned among

  • Aug

    China’s financial markets are currently in the eye of a storm that is jolting investors around the globe. While most of the reactions are the result of herd mentality

  • Aug

    The persistence of farmers’ suicides inspite of the several programmes and social support systems developed by state and Union governments has become a matter of national concern. Until recently

  • Aug

    Many readers of Financial Chronicle must have heard of Alan Alda. He is a well-known actor established film director and a powerful screenwriter

  • Aug

    Presence or absence of flawless processes can make or break a business. Growing businesses so­metimes underrate the value of processes coming as they are from a background of

  • Aug

    We have become an ‘Even Steven’ demo­cracy. Every time one raises questions about mistakes committed in the present one is confronted by similar episodes from the past

  • Aug

    The prime ministerlaunched the Handloom Day on August 7 commemorating the Swadeshi movement launched by Gandhi on August 7 1905. Charkha and khadi became symbolic of freedom and

  • Aug

    You have no doubt heard of Attila, the Hun whose empire spread from the Urals to the Rhine and from the Danube to the Baltic. He was a feared