• Aug
    By Rana Kapoor

    The new government came to power with a long wishlist from India Inc and the common man, as the Union budget — the first major policy statement of BJP led

  • Jul

    I have spent the past few months in India witnessing the change in government. The expectations in India and in the whole of Asia are high that the new

  • Jul

    Rage and the notion of being above the law — both law of the land and laws of basic morality — can make monsters out of ordinary people. When

  • Jul

    The recent tragedies involving the Taiwan’s TransAsia Airways flight, and Malaysian Airlines MH 17 and MH 370 have resulted in deaths of close to 580 people this year alone.

  • Jul

    In India we pay very little attention to the cost of education. Indeed there has been little study on working the cost in this sector

  • Jul

    As established technology companies become old and gear for a generational leadership change, the interesting phenomenon provides keen management insights into the challenges faced by them. Microsoft (MS), Hewlett

  • Jul
    By Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg

    Would women be better than men at running the world? There’s a case to be made on the example of Angela Merkel, at present the longest-serving — and most popular

  • Jul

    The economic record of China’s modernisation has been remarkable. Rightly the world has been very impressed by what the People’s Republic has achieved within less than a generation

  • Jul

    Union budget for 2014-15 places considerable emphasis on strengthening the agricultural research and education sector in our country. For this purpose it is proposed to establish new agricultural

  • Jul

    When economists and investment bankers come out of their zone of comfort and predict the outcome of events, they usually commit blunders for many a time, they know nothing about