• Aug

    India’s renewable energy sector took a dramatic turn starting last year. Until 2015 capacity addition in wind power was more than double of solar

  • Jul

    Hearts in Kashmir, they say, have to be won. Now, the heart alone knows the matters of the heart, that has a fickle mind of its own. It may be won today to be lost tomorrow to the next suitor.

  • Jul

    Traditionally, major political events in the United States are followed with particular interest by the general public and by decision makers in East Asia. While trade with other parts

  • Jul

    Donald Trump, the Republican Party nominee for US president, is well known for his criticism of globalisation and trade deals in particular. Only this week he threatened to withdraw

  • Jul

    Memory is thought to be multilayered and interactive. Small wonder then more and more sociologists are using films photographs and maps as the documentary base by

  • Jul

    The findings of the latest national achievement survey for Class 5, published by the National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT) show that India’s public education system has failed

  • Jul

    An industry is disrupted because often the players define the game wrongly. The horse-carriage businesses thought they were in the horse-drawn-carriage business

  • Jul

    Mehbooba Mufti, the CM of Jammu and Kashmir went on record recently after the police action against thousands who had come to mourn and protest against the killing of Hizbul

  • Jul

    Last Sunday the Japanese voters gave prime minister Shinzo Abe and his coalition government a resounding victory. Voters had been called to renew half of the Upper House of

  • Jul

    India is the largest cultivator and consumer of pulses. Therefore our genetic diversity in grain legumes or pulses is very rich