• Oct

    For the past few days Digital India has become as potent a buzzword as Quit India once was. The belief is that this will help break India out

  • Sep

    Two Indian institutes count among the wo­rld’s top 200 in the 2015 Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) ranking — IISC, Bangalore at 147 and IIT, Delhi at 179. International ranking agencies

  • Sep

    Ahmed Mohammed has become a celebrity overnight. The 14-year-old has been getting sympathy support greetings and love from the world and it wouldn't come as a surprise

  • Sep

    The central government recently issued orders that inefficient bureaucrats and those with doubtful integrity should be retired. Provisions on weeding out inefficient or corrupt government employees are part of

  • Sep

    There can be no doubt that in the past two decades the world economy has witnessed a historic shift towards Asia, notably China. Within the short span of 40

  • Sep

    Former Union agriculture minister Sharad Pawar has drawn attention to the severe drought conditions prevailing in the Marathwada and Nashik-Sangli regions of Maharashtra. He has pointed out that there

  • Sep

    It is politically difficult and culturally challenging to forge a genuine unity where the citizenry of a country is historically divided along different ethnic and linguistic lines. Add in

  • Sep

    It has been well discussed in academic and professional circles how several Asian and other regional countries that lagged behind India on most economic and development parameters in the 1950s

  • Sep

    I have just returned from a long vacation in the US. The last leg of my trip took me to the west coast — California Arizona and Nevada

  • Sep

    There is a strange, sil­ent irony in the way the political party heading the national government is wooing Bihar’s votes and the nonchalant manner in which the national government has