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Why Indian art auctions are here to stay

With Christie’s second India sale just over in Mumbai, we can safely say that Christie’s art auctions are here to stay. At this auction, funds for the Khoj International

Why self-esteem must be your best friend forever

Two negatives do make a positive! Imagine no doubts, no fears, no giving up; I could go on but you see how two negatives combined to create a fusion —

Protecting jungle cats is vital

In what can only be called a cat night, we saw a total of 17 jungle cats (felis chaus) in a single 70 km drive on a forested road of

When artists turn to poets for inspiration

One of Bangalore’s most prestigious art galleries, Galerie De’Arts, is celebrating its 5th anniversary with an exhibition titled ‘Poetry in Colours’ featuring the work of 13 south-­based artists. In

A cinematic shocker

Film: Un chien Andalou (An Andalusian Dog)
Year: 1929
Country: France

Our only rule was very simple: no idea or image that might lend itself to a rational explanation of any kind would

Now, wear what Deepika wears

Remember the days when you took a film magazine to your tailor master and asked him to copy the outfit your favourite heroine wore in a particular film? Now, all

A basic approach to conservation

Recently, I was surveying the Chambal river along with a person from the traditional fishing community, Keer, that lives around the river. But after a ban on fishing in

A photographer who showed us the real Kolkata

This week, the focus is on the work of Pablo Bartholomew, whose insightful photos have won him awards and recognition across the globe. Pablo’s exhibition of photographs dating back

How not to tell a story

Film: Man with a Movie Camera, Year: 1929
Country: USSR

When Man with a Movie Camera released in 1929, the director Dziga Vertov released a manifesto which carried his avowed intentions in

When wedding bells toll, it’s a symphony

To those who asked I said there is a DnD on my phone my week and my activities. A do-not-disturb sign


Sanjay, Fincorp

Magma Fincorp V.C & M.D Sanjay Chamria,outlining group\'s...

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Ganesh, Dell India

Ganesh Lakshminarayanan, president and MD of Dell India, on...

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Hema, HR advisor

Hema Ravichandar, independent consultant & strategic HR...

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