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Believe it or not, it is possible to change karma

Why is it we think by running away from a problem it will vanish? We run away on holiday or binge drink or fall into a pit of self pity

You learn a lot just by watching wild animals

Near all the tiger reserves the forest department is generally compensating villagers when predators kill their livestock. But for this they have to ascertain that it was a

Miranda's Goa, Choudhury's Mexico & more

Go ahead treat yourself to a trip to Goa not just for beachside fun also for A Pocketful of Chuckles. Geetanjali gallery’s latest exhibition features the

When life treats you kind or bad, just laugh

Groucho Marx was funny with a straight face. Without obscenity without fuss

Here's to the flavour of the season: politics

It seems good food and humour can indeed unite politicians across party lines. Never mind Bengal’s political battle that otherwise gives the soaring mercury a run for its temperature

Vindhyas, the mighty hill range of India

Great things come into being when men and mountains meet. A hill range in the central India the Vindhyas gets its name due to its past inhabitants

Why widgets?

Android widgets are all about ease of access quick control and at-a-glance information on the smartphone’s home screens. The raison d’etat of widgets is to save time and

When it comes to looted artworks, it's a steal indeed!

Did you know that the Cologne art fair was the first ever art fair specially created in 1967 to display and promote contemporary and modern art? In the competitive world

How flowers swayed the heart of art

Quick, who comes to your mind when you think sunflower? Van Gogh, right? If who have read about his life, you’ll know that sunflower held Van Gogh in a thrall

How green is green power, really?

While green energy sources are becoming an increasingly popular alternative energy option, not many take a step back to consider the impact it will have on the wildlife and eco-balance


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