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The ‘fake’ issue needs to be taken seriously

E-commerce players are witnessing unbelievable growth globally.

The one in which a blue whale was washed ashore

Quite unexpectedly, a gigantic blue whale was washed ashore at the Alibaug beach in the Raigad district of Maharashtra, just 120 km away from Mumbai, recently. Of course, the

Would history be different if Hitler was just an artist?

Over the past few years, there has been considerable news relating to the discovery of artworks looted during the Nazi regime. A large number of these had been confiscated

Nature does keep things in balance!

You thought humans are the only ones to domesticate animals, eh? Will you believe if I say that ants are protecting and tending to some insects to get a special

Made-to-order is the latest buzz in fashion world

Customisation has always been a strategic advantage for decades for a lot of small boutiques, upcoming designers and startups across the world. It has helped entrepreneurs start, survive and

When it comes to art, the more the merrier

Art as a course of study has slowly but surely moved from being a written-off field to become popular. As a result art schools and institutes

Be mindful of small moments in your life

I was home this Sunday when my friend phoned to say she wanted to go to the mall to pick up stuff — I think she meant buy up the

So, how well can stars morph into designers?

Art cannot be confined to academics — be it painting photography sketching or designing. One cannot guarantee that every fashion graduate is creative and nor has every

Ochres & siennas of life

Those familiar with Mumbai artist PR Narvekar’s work will agree that he has a very definite style of his own. To my mind his elongated and graceful figures

Don’t fall prey to negative emotions

Lonliness is a deadly killer, as bad as drug abuse, alcoholism, violence and cancer.


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