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How Brexit will affect the world of art

The results of UK’s exit vote has led to a major political and economic uncertainty that is likely to effect and increase the problems of the country’s art fraternity and

Smart Travel: Princeton

Enjoy this beautiful and historic US city along with all the excitement of Copa America 2016.

Smart Travel: New Jersey

This grand city is going to host the Copa América Centenario'16 final between Argentina and Chile at MetLife Sports Complex on Sunday.

Smart Travel: Aix-En-Provence

Catch the International Festival of Lyric Art on from June 30 or take a day trip to nearby Marseilles to catch the Euro Cup.

Why drone technology doesn't work

Poaching and anti-forestry activities are a problem for forest departments and conservation agencies around the world. They have been grappling with ways and means to control these for a

Smart Travel: Loire Valley

Visit the 'Garden of France' to be in the centre of wine regions and pedal your way from one magnificent château to another.

Revisiting an old Venetian master

A rather important exhibition on Renaissance Art that deserves to be written about ended this month in London. Titled The Age of Giorgione the exhibition had opened

Smart Travel: Lille

Catch the live action of the UEFA European Championship in this diverse border town of France.

Compassion the mother of all virtues

I cry! I cry for my country the kind of healthcare we have for the poor and sick. Our biggest problem is our population and a close second

Smart Travel: Paris

If you’re a football fanatic, this will be the right time to choose this destination to witness the thrill and excitement of Euro Cup 2016.


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