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Pop art is truly a feast for the eyes

The internationally reknowned Bruno Art Group’s presence in India had so far been restricted to the India Art Fairs. The group has recently opened a gallery in Singapore and

SmartTRAVEL: Feldkirch


Feldkirch Cathedral

The cathedral has the double hall-type nave dear to 15th century Austrian architects and reticulated vaulting characteristic of the late Gothic period. Above the altar is

An epic that’s also a Russian landmark

Film: Battleship Potemkin
Year of release: 1925
Director: Sergei Eisenstein

a silent, high-strung drama in black-and-white, Battleship Potemkin is one of the landmarks in Russian and propaganda films. Eisenstein, who pioneered a

When your real & reel life heroes are the same

ALL the world’s a stage and we all are merely players. So true! In life we often come across larger-than-life characters who leave an indelible imprint on our

Communication is key in the animal kingdom too

When a tiger twitches its tail, a pack of wolves howls in chorus, a frog croaks on a rainy night, a bee dances in a particular manner or a fox

SmartTRAVEL: Landeck


Haus der Fasnacht

Every four years, this museum plays host to a Shrovetide festival, the Unesco-listed Schemenlaufen (ghost dance); the next takes place on 31 January 2016. The

SmartTRAVEL: Graz


Kunsthaus Graz

Designed by British architects Peter Cook and Colin Fournier, this world-class contemporary art space is a bold creation that looks something like a space-age sea slug.

A show that provides a platform for young talent

The Ravi Jain Annual, a yearly project launched in 1992 by Delhi’s Dhoomimal Gallery, has been promoting young talent in the field of fine arts for more than two decades.

Sapphire from Kashmir sells for record $6m

A rare step-cut Kashmir sapphire in rich velvety blue has sold for a world record at a Sotheby’s auction in Geneva, where it fetched $6 million.
“A rare 27

The meaning and purpose of life’s eternity

The tiny wave looked back in awe,
Not understanding the ocean’s mighty roar,
Was this his father
Was this his mother
Was he part of a great grand plan
The ocean smiled and whispered back


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Ganesh, Dell India

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