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Smart Travel: Montpellier

Stately boulevards shady backstreets and gorgeous white-sand beaches are what await you at Montpellier. It's a perfect place to unwind after the over-the-top Cannes glamour

Biodiversity day has come and gone. Yet again

Every year on May 22 world celebrates international biodiversity day. But before 1985 no one even knew what biodiversity meant

Take a bow

Veteran English filmmaker Ken Loach joined the august company of Shohei Imamura, Francis Ford Coppola, Michael Haneke, Dardenne brothers and Emir Kusturica, winning the Golden Palm at Cannes for the

Of stolen art and Picasso's cubist gem

Of late we have heard a number of stories about the recovery of looted and stolen artworks and others that have remained hidden for some inexplicable reason. This clearly

The bigger picture

Academy Award winning Iranian director AsgharFarhadi in his The Salesman weaves yet another story of an Iranian middleclass couple who have to evacuate their apartment as it is developing cracks

Smart Travel: Nice

Apart from the fact that it's a stone's throw away from Cannes, Nice also cuts it thnaks to its olde-worlde opulence and year-round sunshine.

Live, let live, let the young enjoy youth

How often I have heard adults chide a good looking young girl in a form fitting mid thigh striped dress to “sit properly”, “no need to stand out.

Women on top

Two times Academy winner Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar explores the lonely life of his lead protagonist in his film Julieta. Adapted from three short stories from the Canadian

Smart Travel: Monaco

Now that you’ve had a taste of glitz and glamour in Cannes, go to Monaco that screams hedonism and throw some attitude. Just leave that “jamun” lipstick behind, please?

Life's like that

American filmmaker Jim Jarmusch is well known for his unhurried pace of films in which his characters develop. Paterson is a true blood Jim Jarmusch film in which Paterson


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