Sandra bullock’s #metoo moment. no, it doesn’t involve Harvey Weinstein

Sandra Bullock says she once asked to be let go from a project she was working on after a person in power made unwanted advances towards her. The Oscar-winning actor, 53, said she tried to deal with the awkward situation through humour but did not succeed.”Very early on in my career I had a situation on a film, which was hard. It came from a person of authority. I kept deflecting it with humour and it didn't work. Finally, I said, ‘Please, just fire me.’ It was a lesson. After that, I tended to remove anything that could be misconstrued as sexual. I locked it down,” Bullock told Times magazine. Asked if she regrets not being overtly outraged, the Ocean's 8 star said she has always dealt with tough situations using the same philosophy. “That’s how I’ve always navigated tricky situations. That’s how I’ve survived,” she said. Bullock said her awkward encounter was not with the disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.