US’s Victaulic plans to set up manufacturing base in India

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The US-based Victaulic, one of the world’s leading suppliers of mechanical pipe joining systems, plans to set up its manufacturing base in India to tap growing business opportunity in the country.

“India is an important growing market for us and we are investing heavily in setting up a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Pune by the end of next calendar year, which will fuel our growth rapidly,” Pankaj Soni, Victaulic country manager India, said. He said the company will set up assembly lines first, and then start production units in Pune, where it has bought land and invested Rs 5.5 crore in setting up a warehousing and demonstration facility.

Pennsylvania-based 86-year-old privately-held Victaulic’s piping systems product range includes sprinklers, couplings, fittings, valves, hoses, accessories and tools. Many of these products are used globally in industrial and commercial markets, including oil, gas and chemical; mining; power generation; water and wastewater treatment; and military and marine systems; as well as commercial building and fire protection applications.

“We offer the state-of-the-art patented piping solutions across industrial sectors. We are in fact developing market for our technology as safe, reliable and durable as long the pipe used lasts,” Soni said. He said the company was replacing the traditional methods of joining pipes using threading, welding and flange. Victaulic competes with American Tyco in the Indian market. Victaulic’s major manufacturing facilities are located in China, Poland, USA and Mexico.

Since it entered Indian market five years ago, Victaulic doubled its sales revenues in the fourth year itself. “With steady growth of our business, we are now targeting to double our revenues every third year,” Soni said without disclosing the value. He said till date the ticket size of the projects in India was between $50,000 to multi-million dollars, depending on the size of the projects and applications.

Recently, Victaulic completed installation of a fire protection system for Tetra Pak India in Pune as well as projects for BMW in Chennai and CICSO in Bangalore. It has also provided mechanical pipe joining solutions to Park Hotel in Hyderabad and the IOCL Naptha cracker plant at the Panipat refinery in Haryana.

“The opening of the new facility in Pune signals the growth of Victaulic in India and will help meet the strong demand for our products in the region,” Mark Gilbert, vice president and general manager for Europe, West Asia, Africa and India, said. He said the Mumbai branch will continue to handle other aspects of the business such as project design, technical and financial analysis, 3D modeling, installation plans and project management.


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