The new year is here with infinite opportunities

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The new year is here with infinite opportunities
Between Christmas and the new year, it’s the time

to stop,

To relook, regroup, rework, rethink, reboot, reassess,

Not to brood, not to have any regrets,

To enter the new year with fresh access,

To more challenge, to more adventure,

To be the lamp that lights up the dark,

To light up the universe with the human spark,

So, the year of eternal spring is now! More than

ever before!

Tomorrow is the new mantra, new possibilities,

The unsung song, the magic fable with no end!

In more mundane terms, what I mean is that the new year is a time to celebrate and to appreciate your life in all its colours. Here and now, no matter what! Sometimes we feel if there is no party, or no friends, or no adrenalin-pumping experience, there is no joy. Without a holiday, a car, a house or an outfit (!) — many things that make us unhappy — we begrudge our lives. Begrudging and complaining becomes a way of life, and soon, a “bad habit” too. We can’t help ourselves from indulging in it! Continuous complaining that this year was one full of problems, disappointments and regrets, makes our life eat us up from inside out. Unhappiness has a way of eating you hollow. The sad part is that we get so attached to material things that we lose attachment with the self.

Sometimes we get so conditioned by society that we begin to believe we are lesser than precious! Maybe a teacher in the far past has said, “You are a stupid child”, and the term stupid stuck for life. The term could be fat, lazy or useless. And we believe it forever. Then a new year comes around and we see the perfect person hiding within us, the person we are — the perfect person. We are born perfect and become good or bad according to our actions. Of course, we do good or bad things, for we are human! But if we correct the wrong, if we correct our intention, if we make the right cause, the universe would conspire to return that halo to us. Returning the halo merely means being in harmony with yourself and the world around you. (Isn’t that the spirit of Christmas? Harmony!)

I’ll tell you a secret, try it this once! Just tell yourself, “No matter what happens, I will not begrudge my life, I will live in gratitude. I will suspend judgement of others and myself as well. I will learn from the past and not dwell in the past, for it is time to move on. I will not fail because I have no reason to fail and I will have a glorious new year!” Tune into the new year

(The writer is a theatre director and novelist)

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