Modi takes first swipe at Kejriwal, says he is a Pakistani AK-49

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BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Wednesday alleged that Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Arvind Kejriwal, and Union defence minister, A.K.Antony, were new and crucial weapons in Pakistan’s arsenal which with the neighbouring country’s deadly AK-47 (rifle) will continue to bleed India.

“Pakistan has got three new siphah salars (commanders-in-chief) in India who are being held in great esteem and frequently quoted by media in the neighbouring country as they have emerged as unique weapons in its arsenal,” he said while addressing an election rally at Hira Nagar near here. He added, “Pakistan continues to shed blood on Indian soil using its AK 47s. Its second AK 47 (to target India) is defence minister, AK Antony, who says in Parliament that the men who beheaded Indian soldiers on the border were wearing Pakistani army uniforms whereas the (Indian) army was categorical in stating they were Pakistani soldiers.” He demanded to know who Antony was helping by creating such a benefit of doubt.

Modi then turned to Kejriwal who resigned after 49 days as chief minister in Delhi and without naming him said he is the “third AK which is AK-49 which has just spawned a party and on its official website has given away Jammu and Kashmir to Pakistan.” He also took a dig at another AAP leader Prashant Bhushan and said that one of Kejriwal’s associates had earlier said that there should be a referendum in Kashmir. “They are speaking Pakistan's language…they are Pakistani agents…they are India’s enemies,” he alleged adding “We’ve to think how to save the country from them.” This was the first time that Mr. Modi openly targeted the AAP leader who is fighting against him from Varanasi.

He also invoked the legacy of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee on Kashmir and pledged to carry it forward saying a solution to the issue will be found through the framework of humanity and democracy and by upholding the principle of ‘Kashmiriyat’, the ethno-national and social consciousness and cultural values of the Kashmiri people.

He said, "Vajpayeeji had shown us a three-pronged way of taking Kashmir forward - insaniyat (humanity), jamhooriyat (democracy), and Kashmiriyat. We must follow that path.'' He said that if the Vajpayee government had got another five years, it would have changed the face of Kashmir and problems would have solved.

Meanwhile, reacting strongly to Narendra Modi's 'AK49' remarks against him, Arvind Kejriwal today said it was unbecoming of a prime ministerial candidate to use such language and asked the BJP leader the rationale behind giving tickets to leaders accused of instigating riots. "He (Modi) should talk on issues and not get into bad mouthing. Such words do not suit a man who is a prime ministerial candidate." Later, the AAP leader also tweeted "He (Modi) will not respond on gas prices and false claims of the Gujarat development. Why? He refuses to talk about farmer suicides in Gujarat...On his compulsions to keep corrupt people like Babubhai Bokharia and Puruahottam Solanki in his cabinet.’’

Later, Jammu and Kashmir chief minister, Omar Abdullah, too reacted sharply to Modi’s charge that while Congress wanted to establish dynastic rule in New Delhi, its ally National Conference (NC) was following its footsteps in the state. He said, “I dare NaMo to make exactly the same speech against dynastic politics in Punjab or in Maharashtra. Come on, money where your mouth is.”


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