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Need custom t-shirts with your office logo or sports team? For a special event or neighbourhood clean-up squad? Perhaps you need some marketing merchandise to hand out? Heck, why stop at a t-shirt? Or you just feel like a t-shirt with a snappy slogan à la Sheldon Cooper?

Thanks to the internet, printing customised t-shirts with your own logo, name, slogan or just about anything else (within the realm of legality, of course) is something that can be done from the comfort of your keyboard. The hardest part will be deciding which website to go with.

iLogo is a personal favourite, not just for website design, but also the variety on offer. They print basic as well as polo t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, shirts and even bags. You get free delivery, and can also request a quote or have samples delivered to check the style, fit and colour before you design. The designing interface itself is excellent, and it is easy to add your own text and image/logo or choose from available clipart, and then customise/resize, as needed. If you need some inspiration, look at the design ideas section, which is divided into themes such as sport, corporate, college, parties, etc. T-shirts start at about Rs 250 (minimum six), sweatshirts at Rs 550 (minimum six) and shirts at Rs 750 (minimum 10). If you should want to order a single piece, check out the ‘buy just 1’ option on the home page.

Printo is well known for offering a range of printing services, including, of course, t-shirts. There are photo tees, ‘basic’ slogan tees and embroidered tees. There is a simple, intuitive design-your-t-shirt interface on the website. Unfortunately, for photo t-shirts, there are only black and white colour options; basic text-only tees are available in four colours. High-quality tees with collars which are available for embroidery have a few more colour options, but you must provide a vector file. Prices, of course, differ depending on numbers — print more to reduce per-t-shirt cost. A single embroidered tee can cost as much as Rs 1,100, but buy 10 and they will be Rs 499 each. Basic photo and text-only printing costs Rs 370 upwards for single pieces.

Printvenue is another website for a range of personalised printing options. T-shirts apart, they also do other apparel, like sweatshirts and caps. Printvenue is also a little expensive, though you have many more t-shirt options. The designing interface is not the greatest — it looks deceptively simple, but the options to crop and fit an image are limited. You also don’t get an option to change the size of the image printed on the t-shirt, which is a huge minus. A custom-made round-neck cotton tee will cost you Rs 599 for a single piece (slightly less if you buy more), polo shirts start at Rs 399 apiece, sweatshirts Rs 750 and caps Rs 299.


The Xtees website is and to design your t-shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts, head to the ‘Custom Stuff’ section. There are some pre-designed items, such as ‘make your own zodiac sign’ tee or ‘make your own superhero’ tee, but you can also knock together your own. Unfortunately, the interface is Terrible (capital for emphasis) — colours must be selected from a drop-down list (no swatches available) and images cannot be directly uploaded but separately emailed. Instructions can be entered while ordering or sent by email, but there is no option to preview or edit your design. If you can deal with these shortcomings, they are said to deliver quickly. Basic t-shirt printing is Rs 499 and sweatshirts is Rs 1,099. There seem to be no bulk discounts.

That’s not all. Others such as,, and provide a range of printing services, so do your research before you order.

(The author is a personal tech writer)


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