CICO Tech going in for total brand overhaul

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CICO Technologies, one of India’s largest construction chemicals companies, is looking to repackaging and rebranding its products line. The company will soon be rolling out a new tagline, “Future-proofing what you build”, replacing the previous one: “Built to last”.

“After a lot of brainstorming and brand research, we came up with the new catchline. The new one is more market-facing, more future-facing and consumer-facing. This will be backed by new, contemporary and attractive packaging. Besides, products under the ‘Tapecrete’ brand will also have the ‘CICO’ logo so that customers can easily relate the Tapecrete products to CICO, which is like the flagship brand from the stable,” Anasuya Gupta, chairperson & managing director, CICO Technologies, told FC.



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