Chennai-born Pudur is Asia’s wealthiest U-40

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With a net worth of $4 billion thanks to his software firm Celframe, 37-year-old Ar­un Pudur, a Chennai native who now li­ves in Malaysia, has taken the title of Asia’s we­althiest entrepreneur under 40, according to a new wealth list that is otherwise dominated by the Chinese and the Japanese.

Not many of us back home have heard of this “self-made billionaire of hindu and jewish descent,” and as his LinkedIn profile informs you, Pudur fixed bikes at 13 and bred champion dogs before he graduated to start his tech business. He made his first million at 21, and first billion at 26, it says. His Facebook page gives further insights ---- his personal interests include cricket, ga­dgets, movies, tra­velling and investments, and he’s married to Eliena, who is chief commercial officer (products & services) at Celframe.

Pudur founded Celframe in 1998 after graduating from university, global wealth intelligence firm Wealth-X said in a statement on Monday. A product of the University of Bangalore, he has extensive experience in software, security, cloud and mobile technologies.

Pudur’s privately-held software firm now produces the world’s second most popular word processor after Microsoft, according to Wealth-X.

Pudur was ranked 10th in a March Wealth-X list of the world’s richest billionaires under 40, that included Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg.

After Pudur, the rest in the Asia’s top five list are all from China. At number 2 spot is Zhou Yahui (38) with a net worth of $2.2b of Beijing Kunlun Tech fame, number 3 is Zhang Bangxin (35) with a fortune of $2.2b thanks to TAL Education Group, number 4 is online marketplace’s Yao Jinbo (39) with a net worth of $2.2 b and number 5 is He Zhitao (33) with a fortune of $2b.

Japan’s Naruatsu Baba ($1.6b), Kenji Kasahara ($1.5b) and Yusaku Maezawa ($1.3b) are ranked sixth, seventh and eighth, respectively.

The ninth and 10th slots are occupied by Chinese entrepreneurs Pang Shengdong ($1.2b) and Leo Chen ($1.1b). The youngest entrepreneur on the list is 32-year-old Chen, who is the chairman and CEO of Jumei International Holding. Chen became a billionaire after Jumei’s listing on the NYSE in May 2014.


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