Blue Sky Education now bets big on brain gain
Call it a reverse flow of students from abroad or brain gain! Kolkata’s home grown Blue Sky Educational Services, a leading study abroad and career consultancy firm, is now betting big on the growing interest of students from Saarc and African countries to study in India. The company is simultaneously focusing on the emerging educational destinations of South East Asia, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand for Indian students.
“There has been a positive flow of students especially from the Saarc nations which is a fact already. Moreover in the last few years we have seen a growing number of students pouring in from the African continent and this is possible due to the massive overhaul in our national academic structure and pattern which attracts these students to India. Additionally the affordable fee structure offered by Indian academic institutions also play a major role. Definitely more work is left to be done until then we have our bright ones moving abroad for higher studies,” said Mahasweta Banerjee, managing director, Blue Sky Educational Services.
Blue Sky is also looking at any new countries/geographies to branch out to, said Banerjee, adding “we are definitely looking at new geographies, especially South East Asia. This particular geographical region has strongly projected itself as an affordable alternative to the conventional ones. One very good example will be Limkokwing University, Malaysia.” “Moreover a lot of British and Australian universities have opened offshore campuses in the region, so this region has emerged with a bang and promises to continue the upsurge,” he added.
Significantly, in 2015, as many as 886,052 students from all over the world studied at educational institutions in the US. Out of which 102,673 students were from India, which is 11.6 per cent of all international students, studied on American campuses But the figures in 2015-16 show a steady decline in the numbers especially due the rise of alternative options in countries like Canada & Australia. Primary reasons being that a lot of Australian Universities today compete with the ones in the US as globally ranked academic institutions.
These varsities have shown great interest towards investing in research- oriented degrees benefiting the Indian students, who are now turning towards Canadian community colleges offering professional diplomas, advance diplomas & post graduate diplomas in a varied range of academic fields.
Ritwik Mukherjee