Angry voters vent it out on politicians in virtual world

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It might be a tad tough in the real world, but in the virtual world you can throw as many eggs, tomatoes and chappals you like at corrupt politicians.

In a new digital game called Angry Indians, that’s all the rage in the market these days, you get to aim and shoot at politicians who periodically pop up from behind a rostrum and dodge your darts.

Similarly, though not as violently, in Hammer, an online platform that enables exchange of instant opinions from a global network, people are able to voice their views about leaders from their constituencies and discuss a variety of political issues. Vociferously and unequivocally.

“Traction is good and the young generation is actively involved in the political debate,” says Gaurav Khanna, joint MD of Hammer.

Then there’s ‘Modi Run,’ a game created by Dexati, a US mobile app and game developer, based on the classic Mario series that has the Narendra Modi-styled character beating obstacles. According to the company, the game has already been downloaded by about 50,000 Android users.

Between the last parliamentary elections and the forthcoming one, the country has seen a huge leap in the technology space. It is not just the tech-savvy youngster who is airing his views, political parties too are using technology to reach out to their target voters.

With 50 per cent of the 762 million eligible voters falling in the age bracket of 18–35, it becomes imperative for political parties to acknowledge the importance of social and digital media. There are over 200 million internet users in the country and an estimated 78 million are active users of social media sites.

According to Chandrabhanu Pattajoshi, business head of Precision Match, a digital marketing data provider, top national-level political parties are actively making use of the digital medium. With the help of first party and third party cookies, they are able to identify the voter and communicate with him.

“Political parties run banners of video and flash animation and the communication is very sharp to target the youth, who constitute 50 per cent of the internet population. The messaging is focused. These parties might have reached out to 15 to 20 million voters till now,” he said.

“As a content marketing entity, we are providing smart solutions to some of the most influential parties. We assist them with proficient content marketing tools like article posting, blogger amplification, social media as a tool, video posting, mobile marketing and infographics,” said Gaurav Patra, founder of Popkorn Communications.

Clearly, this time around, virtual sites are going hand in hand with political rallies to canvass for votes.


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