Eshopbox launches centre in Mumbai

E-commerce fulfilment and technology firm Eshopbox recently announced the launch of its state-of-the-art fulfilment centre (FC) in Mumbai. The company that manages online selling and fulfillment for enterprise brands now covers states like Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Goa and Gujarat.

“Fulfilment is an essential part of the e-commerce lifecycle. If an order is not packed and delivered in time, the resulting delay affects the customers post purchase experience and can prove to be very costly for the brand,” says Mayur Karwa, co founder Eshopbox.  “A good looking website doesn’t help if the product you order doesn’t arrive on time,” says Pawan Kumar, senior analyst at Eshopbox. “That’s where fulfilment comes in.”

With the launch of the new Mumbai fulfilment center, Eshopbox covers the North, West and South zones of the country giving their operations a larger nationwide footprint.

The Mumbai centre has an area of 12,000 square feet and can securely store over 2,00,000 units. The Gurugram-based firm has managed products worth more than Rs 100 crore, listed on 20 plus online selling channels for more than 125 companies.