Affordable jewellery rule online sale

When it comes buying jewellery online, customers still hold their purse strings a bit and prefer to go for the affordable price points. No wonder, the largest chunk of diamond-studded jewellery sold online falls in the sub-Rs 10,000 category.

Among online jewellery buyers, 63.02 per cent of customers buy ornaments valued between Rs 5,000 and Rs 10,000. Twenty-one per cent are willing to buy something that is worth up to Rs 20,000, 9.26 per cent may spend up to Rs 30,000 and those who buy jewellery worth more than Rs 30,000 are just 6.72 per cent, finds a survey by online jewellery portal Pristine Fire.

As a result, small jewell­ery pieces like rings, earrings and pendants are the most searched items over portals. Customers largely fall in the age group of 25-34 years with 42.86 per cent share. A little younger group (18-24 years) make for 29.93 per cent and older group (35-44 years) account for a smaller share of 11.93 per cent.

“The taste of the new generation is different. Also, their budget is lower. Women of today prefer buying affordable every daywear jewellery rather than going for heavy pieces. They are keen to wear a light piece of jewellery to work – something classy rather than glitzy; and not expensive within the price range of Rs 10,000. Affordable fine jewellery is also considered as the best gift option for close ones and relatives,” said Sunay Gandhi, founder and chief executive officer, Pristine Fire.

Online portals get most of the traffic through social media sites and Facebook dominates with 95.67 per cent share. Instagram, whi­ch largely influences fashion purchases, makes a contribution of a mere 3.56 per cent. Mobile phones are the preferred mode of purchase.

While, the metro cities always dominate in terms of online buying, when it co­mes to online jewellery purchase, Ahmedabad is the top city followed by Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi. The IT hub Bangalore comes only fifth.

Sangeetha G.