How to Fund your dream

Today’s generation is being universally felicitated for its ambitious, go-getter attitude and its courage at not letting financial constraints stand in the way of career goals. New enterprises and entrepreneurs are a vital sign of an economy’s health. No longer is seeking funds for a smart business idea whose time has arrived, a preserve of the well connected or well placed. There are many ways to get your plans across to a huge audience of investors.

e-commerce in 2020

Indian e-commerce has seen a  growth in the past few years. From the pioneering days of IndiaPlaza and Flipkart, which had to create the ecosystem from the ground up, to Walmart’s acquisition of Flipkart at a heady $16 billion valuation, India as a market has evolved tremendously.

Tech it forward

Agriculture growth in India is not only stagnating but also declining. Out of the three pillars of Indian economy —agriculture, industry and services — agriculture growth is likely to be slowest at 2.1 per cent (as per the Economic Survey 2018). What is a significant worrying factor is that the percentage of agricultural workers in total work force would drop to about 26 per  cent by 2050 from 58 per  cent in the beginning of this century. Obviously for these data points necessitate quick action by the stakeholders to arrest the drop in numbers.

Transforming healthcare

While India has several healthcare achievements to its credit, including the eradication of small pox in 1977, the triumph over polio in 2014, maternal and neonatal tetanus in 2015 and YAWS in 2016, its 1.3 billion strong population continues to suffer from one of the world’s worst burdens of disease. There is a perceptible rise in non-communicable diseases with ischemic heart stroke leading the list of directly attributable causes at 12 per cent of the population.

Trump’s ‘adults in the room’ should stay there

Working for the White House is always tough, and working for president Donald “You’re Fired” Trump must be a nightmare. He repeatedly undermines his cabinet secretaries — criticising them in public, blindsiding them with impulsive policy changes, and far too often ignoring their advice.

It’s surprising that competent people can put up with it — and, contrary to a popular line of thinking, very much in the country’s interest that they should.

Building up BRICS

The countries constituting the BRICS have come a long way since the coining of the BRIC abbreviation by Jim O’ Neil (Goldman Sachs) in 2001. This acronym triggered the seeds of partnership among the BRIC, facilitating the metamorphosis into a unique cooperation mechanism with a potentially transformative impact on the global economy, given the sheer economic and political weight of these countries.

What women need

Women, worldwide, have long been oppressed, suppressed, discriminated, exploited and prejudiced against in all spheres of corporate and personal life.  History is replete with instances where the women have given way for men to achieve greater glory, prosperity and stardom while recusing themselves to household chores to nurture, raise and protect a family.

The sabarimala conundrum

The five-judge Constitutional bench led by the Chief Justice of India, Justice Deepak Mishra is in the process of hearing the Sabarimala case, with respect to entry of women between the ages of 10 and 50.

This issue throws open a very interesting debate regarding the balance that needs to be found between a person’s fundamental rights which are enshrined in the Constitution, and custom and usages that prevail in our society today.

Both these set of rights have great importance in the legal and constitutional perspective.

Inject some awareness

Hepatitis B is a major viral infection that affects about 40 million people in India. What makes it worse is the fact that once infected, there is high risk of long term infection. If we go by the latest data by the National Family Health Survey (NFHS 4), about 60 per cent of children receive the hepatitis B vaccine within a year of birth. With more than one-third of our children vulnerable to the infection, hepatitis B is a threat to public health across the nation.

The flip-flops of Trump

In the meeting of US president Trump with Russian president Putin in July 2018 in Helsinki, immediately after organising Football World Cup, Putin seems to have scored a diplomatic goal over Trump in context of US accusations of Russians muddling in their elections. On return to Washington, under pressure from his critics, president Trump did a U turn to what he had said. Few days later he invited Putin for talks in Washington, despite continued economic sanctions on Russia. Such a diplomatic flip-flop and rapid changes in US policies is not the first one in his presidency.