Building a new era

Technology is transforming the construction and project management landscape in more ways than one. An increasing reliance on technology, along with robotics, to tackle the complexities of mega projects, has started pushing companies to explore newer and cost effective solutions. In fact, robots are now the centre of all futuristic construction technology. A multi-purpose drone, bulldozer automation systems, robots cutting, stacking and packaging materials and welding structural frames are increasingly becoming a common feature across large, complex construction projects.

Is ISIS a threat to India?

To ANY security analyst the reported killing of four militants, on June 22 by synergised operation of security forces, in Anantnag district, with two out of them affiliated to the Islamic State Jammu and Kashmir (ISJK), as a sequel to renewed “Operation All Out” is no surprise.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

IT’s funny how most, standing at the cusp of  that life changing year — where one becomes a college student from a school student — can’t wait for that transition. Most also think that life here on will be but fun. The truth though is very far from that. Now is when most will actually get their first bite of the bitter pudding called life.


The issue of exodus of independent directors from company boards is taking the shape of a major concern — for the companies, the stock market, investors as well as the government. As the changes ushered in through the new Companies Act came into force, it strangely has led to an unexpected negative fallout. Several independent directors of companies, both big and small, have resigned — some in a tearing hurry.

RIng in good times

The Draft National Digital Communication Policy has laid the roadmap for boosting India’s communication capabilities by harnessing a bevy of new technologies that are emerging on the horizon. It recognises the importance of pro-competitive reforms and lays emphasis on effectively utilising new technologies and services for driving overall growth in the economy.

Water Bodies in Wayanad

Wayanad is a green, hilly and beautiful part of North Malabar. The average rainfall is 2,246 mm annually, though there are parts of Wayanad which go up to 3,136 in the western part, and low as 1,377mm in what is considered as the “dry zone.” There were according to soil conservation officer, PU Das,   65,000 open wells.

Mind your language, please

Someone mentioned, where else but on Twitter that every one would have their 15 minutes of “apologia”. This past week has seen ample example of how “apology” in this era of high octane outrage works. It all began with Priyanka Chopra’s apology over an episode on her now cancelled show “Quantico”. It so happened that there was a story line that didn’t go down well with many people in India. I am yet to watch the episode but from whatever has been shared online, one can see how it could be considered offensive. However, Priyanka after about two days of online outrage issued an apology.

Creating a better, harmonious world

Harmony Foundation, set up in 2005 in India’s commercial capital of Mumbai, has been promoting communal harmony among communities and castes, irrespective of religion, creed, and gender. For the last 13 years its annual event called Mother Teresa Memorial Awards honour individuals and organisations that promote peace, equality and social justice, while providing an impetus for society to imbibe these values. The award is given in honour of Mother Teresa.

World Peace, Hope, Et Al

AS A past president of the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs, I am extremely happy that the US president Donald Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un have agreed to ensure the abolition of the development and testing of nuclear weapons. This is an important milestone in the movement for a nuclear weapon free world.

File your IT return

As the Income tax return season is approaching fast, it is the time when the tax payer should become diligent and get the necessary documents ready for filing the income tax return. The deadline to file the income tax return for the financial year 2017-18 is 31 July. The cut-off date becomes more critical this year onwards as filing of the income-tax return beyond this date would attract mandatory levy of penalty, which can go upto Rs 10,000. Timely filing of the income tax return further facilitates the scope for revising the return in case any error gets encountered later.