Nun living among the Musahars of Bihar

Sister Sudha Varghese may look like a very ordinary woman. But look inside her heart, and she shines out as an extraordinary nun. It must have taken something to inspire her to dedicate her life for 30 long years working for the welfare of the Bihar’s Musahars. Varghese, who started an NGO called Nari Gunjan in 1987, set up a residential schools for girls of this downtrodden community and also offered livelihood programmes for women.

Millets, Monsoon & Market

Considering the importance of millets, both for improving nutrition security and climate resilience, the Government of India has declared 2018 as a National Millet Year.

Enlarging the food basket

Dynastic vs non-dynastic politics

Since 2014 general elections, those who want to stop BJP juggernaut have been calling Rahul by names and branding him as inept, unwilling and unfit for politics and so on, as he has been unable to turn the tables in his party’s favour. However, the same people are not ready to understand why Rahul Gandhi could not turn the tables in his party’s favour.

Cut & Thrust: Brutal cage match fatigued

The media whirligig constantly looking for new juice to keep the frenzy fed appears fatigued when it comes to Kashmir. Suddenly one finds that Kashmir has gone off the grid, both militants and soldiers dying do not make headlines anymore. Yes, it finds a place on the inside pages, but that is where it rests for now. The bark of constant gunfire, its fusillade resulting in death is no longer priority on the playlist. Kashmir Valley’s brutal cage match with its shadow of death has no morality clause attached to it.

Manage risk with cyber insurance

The recent spike in occurrence of cybercrime across the globe has made it obvious that it is no more a question of “whether” but a question of “when”. The average cost to the organisation of these breaches is estimated to be close to $5 million. Multiple analyst reports place the average cost per breached record between $78 and $277. This cost is attributed to investigation and remediation activities, notifications to be sent to customers and other stakeholders, change in credit worthiness, reputation management, legal fees and settlements and any regulatory fines arising from the breach.

Disequilibrium: THE CRONY RIGHT

Life’s impermanence is not something you need to be reminded of. And yet, history’s learning are never transposed. Agreed that in a pride of lions, the female is always the care giver and hunter, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that women on the fringes of a political formation have to be rewarded with trinkets.

Realising oil and gas potential

India is growing fast. Therefore, accelerating exploration and production of India’s potential petroleum resources is crucial to support a rapidly expanding economy, as well as fuel demand for greater mobility, and boost infrastructure for the nation, which is soon expected to be the world’s most populous country.

War and Peace

The US, UK and France launched strikes against targets at three sites in Syria in the early hours of April 14. All forms of media are flooded with the details of the attack, and many more details are still pouring in. The US claims that the strikes only targeted a scientific research center in greater Damascus involved in the development and production of chemical weapons, a chemical weapons storage facility west of Homs in Syria, and a chemical equipment storage facility.

Erasing glorious history, bit by bit

Author Amit Chaudhuri’s heart sinks every time he sees a sign up on the boundary walls of old Kolkata bungalows, announcing their impending demolition. He sees the sign as an obit notice for another building that has long been a part of the city. 

Pitter-patter of the first monsoon rains

After three of the past four monsoons fell short, plunging parts of the nation into severe drought, the outlook for 2018 is better. Early forecasts call for rainfall close to the 50-year average. That would be a relief after recent disappointments: The 2015 monsoon was the driest in six years because of El Nino and followed a poor monsoon in 2014, leaving major cities such as Mumbai rationing water supplies.