The Taiwanese question

When US President Donald Trump approved a travel bill allowing American representatives to meet their counterparts on the self-ruled Taiwan calling itself “Republic of China,” he was very much conscious of their ‘One China Policy’ and the likely reaction of Chinese, which would have been well thought through. This is sequel to newly declared trade war by US, slapping very heavy trade tariff on China.


Illusion of a free will is as dangerous as its actual suspension, for surreal as the dream is, a noxious chimera, a world of make belief; it leads to a comfort zone which requires instant tearing down. For if this eco-system is used to imperil a democratic institution by removing the scope of robust debate then anarchic legislation like  the draconian land acquisition bill of Sonia Gandhi, which can de-industrialise India is a by product for decelerating development.

The Abstraction of Numbers

Professor Jairus Banaji  suggested to a New Delhi audience,  in  millennial year 2001, that we should be concerned about how our  provident fund and pension savings  are invested in local businesses. In the following years, we saw how global capital created crises after crises, and the relief that Indians felt when concurrent recessions were not experienced in India. However, we know that post office and SBI savings were the spine of the  Indian economy.

In a man’s world

Women play a key role in Indian agriculture, although their important contributions go unrecognised and unrewarded. On the International Women’s Day (March 8), a conference was organised by the National Academy of Sciences in Allahabad to identify methods of recognising and rewarding women as farmers. The earlier definitions of farmer were gender insensitive, therefore the National Commission on Farmers (NCF) proposed the following definition: Woman farmer means and includes, irrespective of marital status or ownership of land, any woman who is a farmer which includes:

Mining troubles

Following the order by the Supreme Court to stop all iron ore mining operations from March 16, it appears that the government of Goa is most likely to auction the mines which so far have been operated primarily by the Goans. This may be the eventual destiny of the Goan mining leases, but the duration of a fresh start of mining on or after March 16, is likely to be prolonged than what is being projected. The Goan community who are highly dependent of mining business is no doubt likely to suffer from the long lull period.

Cut & Thrust: Beware the ides of March

The game is truly afoot now. Gorakhpur and Phulpur are not like the isolated bypoll victories in Rajasthan and MP, these are different for they are slapbang in the middle of a polarised Hindu heartland of Uttar Pradesh.  SP’s Nagendra Pratap Singh Patel won Phulpur by 59,613 votes, followed by BJP’s Kaushlendra Singh Patel and Congress’ Manish Mishra. Similarly the red caps’ Praveen Kumar Nishad won the Gorakhpur Lok Sabha seat by a margin of 21,961 votes.

To die or not to die

The Constitution Bench of Chief Justice Dipak Misra and Justices AK Sikri, AM Khanwilkar, DY Chandrachud and Ashok Bhushan delivered a historic verdict recently on a PIL filed by NGO Common Cause in 2005. The NGO was seeking passive euthanasia and legal recognition for “living will” in India.

More power to us

Power sector is witnessing a transformational change not seen in last several decades. For over a century, coal and gas proved to be the major source of energy for electricity generation. Hydro and nuclear provided green alternative though with a higher capital investment and longer construction cycle.

DISEQUILIBRIUM: Live dangerously

The razor’s edge effect. That is what imperiled equity traders must be thinking of as they sally forth daily in an uncertain market. Robust global growth and better than anticipated corporate earnings momentum tell you that fundamentally equities remain the way forward in terms of asset class rotation. But that could be counter intuitive for the interest rate cycle also appears to be tightening as the inflation ogre returns to threaten the equity rally. Unpredictability and doubt are definitely in the air.

Disequilibrium: Jingoist General’s Needless Diatribe

“The time has come for India to shift focus to its northern border. The country is capable of handling China’s assertiveness. China is a powerful country but we are not a weak nation.”

“Yes, China is exerting pressure. We are dealing with it. Yes we should try that it is not escalated. We will not allow our territory to intruded. Troops are earmarked, should a situation arise our troops are ready to cater.”