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The importance of Indonesia

A few weeks ago the wo­rld was shocked by a la­rge-scale terror attack in the Indonesian capital Jak­arta. The brazen and multiple assault reminded one of the earlier

Tablets, memory cards for educatioNext

The Commonwealth he­ads of government mee­ting held in Malta last November focused on Comm­onwealth of Learning’s (C­OL) initiative to support secondary schooling, training and skills development in the next few

Reframe mindset to achieve excellence

Niels Bohr the famous quantum physicist on­ce said “The opposite of a profound truth may well be another profound truth. ” In life we often miss out on

A democracy must stand up for its people

We are the world’s most populous dem­ocracy but behave in a very insecure manner. “The democracy of my conception is wholly inconsistent with the use of physical force

VIPism is casteism by another name

Much has been written and lamented about the all-pervasive VIP culture in our country. Notw­ithstanding our self-laudatory claims of great civilisation Hinduism always had a pernicious caste system

MGNREGA : the enemy within

The Sensex is more important than a poor ma­n’s liveliho­od. Such us­ed to be the acerbic observation of Rag­huvansh Prasad the RJD minister for rural development in UPA

A new era of partnership with Iran

Year 2016 has started with ominous signs. Chi­na’s economy is slowing down the commodities market is in turmoil oil prices ha­ve plummeted the US is sho­wing

Chaos, change and the Delhi experience

The policy to permit use of only odd numbered cars on odd numbered days and even number on other days with various exceptions, was implemented in Delhi in the last

Delhi made a brave start to clean up

Delhi appeared almost unrecognisable during the days of the odd-ev­en rule, when evenings appe­ared livable, devoid of traffic snarls and as if, in the midst of a holiday season or

Knowledge at premium is local not global

If “everyone knows” th­at forecasting is a fool’s errand then why are so many articles published in January about the year to come? Moreover, if the latest research on expert

  • Enhanced allocations are needed for research to ‘Make in India’ for India

    Even as India flaunts its ambitious ‘Make in India’ initiative from February 13, it spurs several questions.

  • Cadbury and a defunct hair oil brand Castaroma have one thing in common — both had Waheeda Rehman endorse their brands.


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