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Can Hefa actually become a reality?

The ministry of human resource development (MHRD) is actively wo­rking on the contours of a hi­gher education financing ag­ency (Hefa), which has been proposed with the aim of fu­nding infrastructure

Political rhetoric makes for counter poetry

Poetic flourishes flavour politics. Ghalib and Hafez flowed profusely to embellish the dosti diplomacy and deals between Iran and India during the prime minister’s recent visit to Tehran

High CEO pay and the gaps it leaves

Unlike the UK Norway took a remarkable decision with its surplus North Sea oil revenues. It set up a sovereign wealth fu­nd (SWF) popularly known as the

Time ripe for state funding of elections

Prime minister Narendra Modi had laid strong emphasis on improved governance on taking over as head of the NDA government two years ago. Several measures were initiated in pursu­ance

Get the bureaucracy out of its stupor

Great nations are built both on the speed and quality of their government’s decision making. In poor and aspiring societies like ours the concerns of the people are

Building nation is ‘Winning with honour’

There is hardly any do­ubt that the city state of Singapore has one of the most efficient and corruption free administrations not only in Asia, but in the entire world.

Fish for all and forever

Marine fish catch is going down in rece­nt years by over 5 per cent per annum. There is a steep fall in the production of oil sardines

Jesus as third candidate in US election

In the past 30 years or so the importance of Jesus Christ has increased substantially in the US elections. This in a situation where ch­ristianity — in

Must JNU die at the hands of RSS

In a world where politicians deal with consu­merism and corruption with the same banality, what is happening in JNU must come as a puzzle to them. The Supreme Court

Re-searching women: where are they?

There aren’t enough women in research. A report by Unesco (2015) assessed that only 28 per cent of the world’s researchers are women despite growing enrolment in universities

  • It makes sense to highlight PM’s achievements with little noise to attract greater attention

    Are prime minister Narendra Modi and the BJP going over the top?

  • A village in Maharashtra has given its name to a popular confectionery brand.


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