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Delhi and its democratic core

In the last one month, questions have been raised about the functioning of the union territory of Delhi and its relationship with the central government. When the budget for

Gender stereotyping needs to end

It was around 1993 when some women working in Bangladesh’s garment factories used to come visit me. The problems they faced at that time were less wages long

Economic integration in east Asia

As trade agreements within a global framework have become increasingly difficult if not impossible to conclude, the focus of foreign trade policies has shifted to bilateral and regional agreements.

Will Germany be able to deliver?

The BRICS aren’t the only countries whose stature has grown in recent years. Germany whose economy has relative to its neighbours fared well in recent years

A complex challenge for our PSUs

Till the mid-1990s, the central government and its companies were the only suppliers of telecom hardware and services in the country, and the waiting period for fixed line phones was

America’s dark hour needs a light touch

It has been a season of hate in the United States of late. There have been several incidents that have added fuel to the racial fire recently but

An end to Edison’s incandescence

Thomas Alva Edison (the man who invented the modern light bulb with tungsten filament) once said, “We will make electricity so cheap that only the rich will burn candles.”

Yoga as a post-modern message

The world seemed to come together in one prana on international yoga day on June 21. Hundreds of yoga images broke into a well choreographed rhythm —almost like a

How about a knowledge silk route?

The original silk routes connected the east to the west — from China through India to the Mediterranean nations. The origin of the silk routes can be traced back

Defecation hitch for Swachh Bharat

Prime minister Modi had announced several initiatives on assumption of office, the most significant of which was a desire to clean India. That there is largescale open defecation in

  • The government must only sell PSU stocks that are in demand

    The government’s move to change the methodology of selecting merchant bankers for divesting stake in various public sector undertakings would save d

  • You may be familiar with this old joke: A beggar outside a temple tells a regular donor that he won’t be there for the next week and so will see the

  • One of the oldest existing manufacturing associations in India is named after the Gandhi-Irwin pact.


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