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Smart cities for the smart citizens

The 21st century has been spoken of as the urban century. By 2050 over 70 per cent of the world’s population will live in cities

Bitcoins will spark India’s financial innovation

Often when you string together two pieces of seemingly unconnected information you get a flash of insight. According to Ericsson by 2019 every human be­ing

Bihar, development and governance

Chief minister Nitish Kumar won the recent Bihar election with a huge majority. This is being partly ascribed to better governance that resulted in the expansion of roads

Living with hypocrisy

The world has become digital. Acquiring new knowledge is very simple today

When the two Chinas met in Singapore

Unexpectedly, Xi Ji­nping, President of the People’s Republic of C­hina and Ma Ying-jeou, President of the Republic of China (Taiwan) met in Singapore on November 7. This was the

End hunger to achieve food security

The UN’s millennium development goals (M­DG) will be replaced fr­om next year by sustainable development goals (SDG) that have recently been approved by me­mber nations. SDG’s 17 goals and

Wither small man wither

India’s micro small and medium enterprises (MS­ME) sector estimated at over 1. 3 million business un­its contribute over 40 per ce­nt of the manufacturing output and account for over

Management lessons from Bihar

As a live case the Bihar election and its outcome have sharp lessons for management scholars and pr­actitioners. First let us flash back to December 2010 when

India and the rise of intolerance

On his recent visit to England, when prime minister Narendra M­odi was asked about the rising intolerance in India, he astutely invoked the names of Gandhi and the Buddha to

The return of the native

Bihari or Bahari – Nitish Kumar’s electioneering phrase raised a profound question: who is a native? The recent Bihar election highlights the fact that the word native is

  • All the debates are glossing over the key question if children are eating healthy food

    For some time now, we have been strapped in noodle debates. First Maggie noodles and now our own swadeshi noodles that Baba Ramdev is making.

  • Like always, ample has been said about Aamir Khan’s inopportune comment about his wife considering India to be intolerant and unsafe for their son.

  • The biggest event during the Thanksgiving Day in America is actually run by a departmental store.


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