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Regimenting art runs counter to a creative society

For poetry makes nothing happen ” so said American poet WH Auden. Not so thinks the ce­nsor board excising films th­at dare to disturb the complacencies of dominant

Battle between physical and digital retailing

To understand the core innovation in retail, we need to fall back on the taxonomy coined by Nicholas Negroponte of MIT Media Lab. He said, let us differentiate between

India, Asia and the EU referendum

Rarely it seems do referenda gather as much international interest as the UK’s upcoming vote on whether the country should remain or leave the European Union. On the table

Who stole my job? Ask Rajan

Jobs are disappearing and the middle class is going to be worst hit of all, warns the now outgoing RBI governor Raghuram Rajan. Speaking at the launch of the

A good reason why Asia needs India

It seems rather odd to explain why Asia needs In­dia when India is the second most powerful Asian nation. However Asia is a huge continent and although

How to overcome hunger and malnutrition

The 2016 Global Nutrition Report of the International Food Policy Research Institute ranks India ra­ther low in terms of achieving nutrition security. In terms of under-5 stunting and wasting,

Subverting our quest for humanity

In the past few days a few sticky issues have once ag­ain crept into public deba­te. These are issues of morality and fairness by which a nation and

Pulse of the nation lies in gender sensitivity

A recent decision of the Union government to encourage pulses production by hiking minimum support prices is in the right direction. The Economic Survey 2015, also suggested engineering a

Leapfrogging to a cashless society

If you travel to China you will find that Chinese te­enagers do not wear the traditional wristwatches. So­me from prosperous families may wear Apple watches or similar stuff

Take home for Japan from G7 summit

On May 26-27 Japan hosted the 42nd summit of the group of se­ven major industrialised cou­ntries the G7. On the whole it was a low key affair

  • India’s commercial links with Britain since Company Raj will still prosper

    There is little point in shedding tears over Britain’s exit from the European Union (EU).

  • Islands like Cayman and Jersey have enjoyed dubious repu­tation as tax havens.


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