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Why growth isn’t god in Indonesia

Joko Widodo’s rise from nowhere to Jakarta governor and then the presidential palace showed the wonders of Indonesia’s democracy. Now he wants to democratise the economy as well

Public good research in agriculture

Public good research in agriculture is designed to promote risk minimising agronomy and also the ease of adoption by small and marginal farmers. For example, public good research institutions

Is Germany the world’s favourite country?

Germany it appears is the most respected country in the world. According to the Nation Brands Index Germany deposed the hitherto reigning champion the US

Medical devices in our healthcare system

Given the increasing incidence of non-communicable diseases in India — they now account for over 50 per cent of all deaths — the country is realising that it must urgently

One word for China: insulation

How hard will it be for China to fulfill its end of the climate deal signed with the US last week? The extraordinary means that the Chinese government used to

Why bust cannot come before boom

Get ready for a “melt-up. ” Back in mid-October as stock markets around the world plunged faster than at any time since 2011 many investors and economists feared

Why are we obsessed with everyone else’s wealth?

You all know the urban legend of the conversation between F Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway.
Fitzgerald: “Let me tell you about the very rich

Thermal energy conversion from oceans

A promising technology that offers a large green potential for electricity generation is ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC). OTEC is a renewable energy technology that harnesses the solar energy

China changes the subject in Hong Kong

As hedge fund managers declare victory with the launch of the Shanghai-Hong Kong stock link, don’t forget the obvious loser: the city’s pro-democracy movement.
For almost seven weeks, the students

New model for effective education

After interacting with students and teaching community on a topic related to the role of higher education in the ever-changing global scenario, one often comes across two major issues;


Sanjay, Fincorp

Magma Fincorp V.C & M.D Sanjay Chamria,outlining group\'s...

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Ganesh, Dell India

Ganesh Lakshminarayanan, president and MD of Dell India, on...

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Hema, HR advisor

Hema Ravichandar, independent consultant & strategic HR...

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  • Tighter insider trading rules should tame market manipulators

    Changes made by Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) in its stock market governance code is welcome, as they will reduce, if not eliminate, r

  • Do you sometimes see snakes in your dreams? Don’t worry maybe you will stumble across a scientific discovery.


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