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Just how useful are summits?

In the age of globalisation international summits play an increasingly extensive role in the time-table of national heads of government. Throughout the year one summit seems to follow the

Our own conscience-keeper

National discourse runs the risk of becoming noisy and getting out of hand in a rush of name calling and blame game as people try to divide their world neatly

Gandhi held many crosses

There has been a crescendo of accusations that Gandhi was a bigot a casteist and a racists. He called native Africans “Kaffirs” and he did nothing for their

Don't forget the importance of dialogue

We must believe that words have efficacy. More importantly we must hope that people believe what they say

Electric vehicles key to improved air

Recent reports have indicated a sudden jump in deterioration of air quality in Delhi. A recent WHO report had identified 13 of world’s most polluted top 20 cities in

The churning of the Indian Ocean

There is traditionally little interest in and very limited knowledge of South Asian affairs in East Asia. The buddhists of course are aware that their religion originated

Blaze a new education trail

Prime minister Narendra Modi’s tagline mera desh badal raha hai is a well meaning statement. We should take it seriously

Pakistan's infamous Fauj Inc.

In the pell-mell of India-Pakistan diplo-polity lies half truths and innuendos dominate with Janus faced Pakistan front running India. Its loquacious spin doctors always busy armed with

Let's not become a rogue like Pakistan

After the attacks in Uri and the killings of the 18 jawans, there has been a lot of sabre rattling and cries for tit for tat revenge. From a

We must improve our primary education

Census data has indicated that about eight crore children are out of school. This is indeed tragic seven decades after independence

  • Banking security breach reveals how vulnerable the system is

    Fear has gripped millions of Indians whose bank accounts have been compromised due to a massive security breach in the payments ecosystem linked with

  • Can an Island of death become a tranquil destination? For Sentosa Island in Singapore, it was a literal journey.


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