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Biogas Potential in India

Biogas is a form of renewable energy produced from organic matter through a biological process. It is typically derived from anaerobic digestion or fermentation processes and can be produced

The rabbit hole of outcome budgets

An outcome budget should mean budgeting for outcomes.

Livability as a competitive advantage

Some CEOs and policymakers argue forcefully that distance is of no relevance in today’s world because of internet and digitisation. According to this camp of thinkers geography is

Cooperative federalism and governance

Improving relations between the states and the Centre to improve the quality of governance and delivery of public services has been part of public debate in recent times. In

No place for the poor anywhere

As we sit in the comfort of our homes reading this, there are tens of thousands of people out there searching for a roof over their heads. These are

China looks to India for balance

Almost a third of the total world population lives in India and China. Measured by real purchasing power the People’s Republic has the largest GDP in the world

Community effort for rehabilitation

The Nepal quakes have had a devastating effect on the lives and livelihoods of a large section of its population. Once the relief operations get over in a couple

Real world demands in education

The Union government, through the ministry of human resource development, has been trying to create coherence in the higher education scenario across the country for the last 65 years, but

Nurture star boardroom talent too

Think of poorly performing companies like ITI, BSNL, Kingfisher Airlines in India and Kodak, Enron, around the world, which are either in near terminal sickness or bleeding heavily. Why

Mind it, Mitra

West Bengal’s finance minister Amit Mitra has had a long experience in business, having been an economist of some credibility, and the long-serving secretary general of India’s once-exalted Federation of

  • Govt can’t clamp down on voices that ask uneasy questions

    It has hardly been a peaceful annum for Greenpeace’s India arm that has been in and out of trouble over the last one year.

  • It all started here and will end here. I never wanted to grapple with anything too complex. Yet now I have to.

  • The tag of the “most kissed face” of all times actually goes to the death mask of a young woman, who drowned in the Seine river.


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