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Why Myanmar is crucial to China

Ever since it became evident that Myanmar had embarked on a course of political modernisation, particularly since the formal end of military rule in 2011, the country has emerged from

A world that is constantly at war

THE 19th century posed specific problems to theorists about how they would view the statistics of suicides, the problems of an industrialising society, the birth of nations, the questions of

Time to expose the sedition farce

The sedition law was promulgated by colonial Britain to suppress nationalist opinion and voices for freedom, but even our colonial rulers used the law with responsibility and discretion. In

Thought for food: Adopt R&D

When a man’s stomach is full it makes no difference whether he is rich or poor. ” So said the famous Greek poet Euripides aptly summing up the importance

Democracy doesn't win brownie points

Economists often make mistakes in predicting outcomes. When they wear glasses tinted with politics, they blunder.

The clamour for abolishing Rajya Sabha

In the last few months, voices have been raised in the media on the need for Rajya Sabha in our parliamentary system and whether it serves any useful purpose.

Your haram may be his kosher

A Republic without a pub is a mere relic”, CK Daphtary, the redoubtable first solicitor general of India, had made this remark in the 1950s. Six decades later, the

Japan needs more women in high office

Japan does not rank high in international tables, when it comes to the presence of women in high office, be it in politics or in the economy. In fact,

When it pours, we should tap it

Several states like Bihar and Assam and the north eastern region are experiencing heavy floods causing much damage to lives and livelihoods. This is not uncommon and that is

Normlessness as legit statecraft

The word anomie is used by sociologists to describe a state of normlessness. This may mean either that there are no norms or that the norms are not known

  • Banning commercial surrogacy will end exploitation of women

    Thousands of infertile couples around the globe come to India—the world’s biggest hub for commercial surrogacy along with Thailand—to rent wombs

  • It has been 31 years since the last ciggerette commercial was shown on American television.


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