Spas go high-tech

Modern spas are combining cutting-edge technology and age-old practices to offer therapies that go beyond just health treatments and stress busting

Spas go high-tech
Spas in India are coming of age and innovating new ways to soothe the nerves. There is variety, there is attention to detail and there is an escape from the tried and tested to make the whole experience a treat for the senses. It is no more about checking in to an austere set-up with the sole aim of getting rid of a health problem, but about surrendering yourself to expert care in technology-enabled luxury.

Take for instance the multi-sensory experience at the Rejuve spa at The Lalit in Mumbai. It is supposed to be one of a kind as it has scientifically designed beds from Italy that emit heat and light to suit your body type. Spa manager Lalit Mundkur says, “More than a treatment, it’s an experience. During a massage, people tend to feel cold, the hot bed ensures they stay comfortable, and the colour adjusts according to behaviour and mood for maximum benefit. The bed is known to raise body’s metabolism.” For treatment, guests are asked to come at leisure, with at least half a day to spare. The one-time service that comes for approximately Rs 10,000 is patronised by company executives and others looking for a different way to destress.

The heated light emitting bed offers a unique multi-sensorial experience which involves fragrance with aromatherapy, sight with colour therapy, sound with relaxing music, waterfalls/dolphins sounds and touch, with the soft, embracing sensation of the wa­rm water in the mattress, which helps raise your body’s metabolism during the treatment. So the guest doesn’t have to leave the bed at all. A warm relaxing rinse with a hydro therapy massage brush is given as the therapist washes away the scrub without you having to leave the comfort of the bed to prepare you for an ultra hydrating body application infused with essential oils to leave your skin feeling soft. The heated light emitting beds then eases away any remaining stress. The service is set in a serene atmosphere with high ceilings, wooden carvings and smooth lines with sculptures placed at angles.

The Tatha Xpe­rience Spa chain, in Gurgaon and Ko­lkata has also devised a unique way to treat clients. The specialists base their approach on the 350-year-old Greek theory that every part of the body is ruled by a different star sign. Citing example, owner Divika Kanoria, says: “Head is usually associated with Aries, who are prone to problems like migraine, and Taurians are usually fraught with problems related to the respiratory system as well as cough and cold, so we blend essential oils according to the ruling sign of our guest.” They use eco-friendly aromatherapy candles during the procedure. Clients also have the option of calling them home as they provide mobile spa service for minimum cost of approximately Rs 6,000.

The Six Senses Spa at the Jaypee Greens Golf Resort and the Luxury Residences of the Jaypee Greens boasts of the widest range of services with over 20 treatment rooms. Set amongst beautifully landscaped grounds, it is considered an oasis for resort guests and residents around, with global holidaymakers checking in for a wellness experience. The spa is surrounded by an indigenous herbal garden for organic ingredients and an aerobics pool. According to manager Tracey Poole, “The spa is at par with the best in the world with every little detail thought out and experts in attendance.” One of their most popular offerings is the Watsu treatment in the specially designed pool. A profoundly moving and relaxing form of aquatic therapy, Watsu combines the therapeutic benefits of warm water with elements if Shiatsu, Yoga and meditation. This unique massage treatment has been introduced for the first time in India.

The Vedic Mantra Spa by the Ba­idyanath group is another spa in the capital that is pushing boundaries. Apart from the Asian and western inspired treatments and a wellness café, they have some latest international trends offerings such as the oxygen facial. Here the therapist infuses oxygen into the skin via ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid and skin boosting vitamins. It is a non-invasive procedure that leaves the skin firmer and brighter. In a four-step process. The initial treatment followed by a sequence ensures hydrated, clear and wrinkle-free skin. Atoxelene smoot­hens expression lines, Opulence gives you instant brighter and balanced looking toned skin. Clarity makes you acne and blemish free resulting in a refined and calmer skin. And last but not the least, infuses a radiant and fresh skin.

Apart from wellness, spas are even offering cosmetic treatments, just in a more natural way. The 24-carat golden spoon therapy is another fad. Aashm­een Munjaal from Star Salon says, “Gold is known to prevent pigmentation, fight inflammation and even out the skin tone. Amongst our spa treatments this is gaining popularity for its novelty value and results that it gets without the client resorting to anything extreme”. In this therapy, a 24-carat golden sp­oon is us­ed for penetrating ampules, which fu­rther helps in sk­in firming, wh­i­t­ening and exfoliation. The therapy works best for those who are looking for anti-aging results, as it aims to remove wrinkles. The 24-carat plating helps in the lymphatic drainage of toxins for­med in the epidermis of the skin. The treatment also involved essential oils, such as germanium and rose oil for lasting effect.


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