Resolve for a wild journey into the unexplored terrain

Resolve for a wild journey into the unexplored terrain
Every New Year, each of us make resolutions about what he or she would do to make a difference in their lives, similarly a wildlifer would certainly have plans to make his year a wild year.

Just like St. Augustine said, The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. So expand your horizons this year with some wild adventures to distant lands to experience the biodiversity and landscapes.

I have made a list of five places one must visit when on a wild holiday. The list begins with the desert scape of Tal Chapar situated in Rajasthan. It is a small park of about seven sq km, where the black bucks are protected, but the unique landscape also attracts more than 300 birds from all over the world during the migratory season. The desert foxes, desert cats and black bucks also interact within the area and it is indeed a rare sight.

Coming to the Northeast state of Arunachal Pradesh, Eagle Nest is an area, which is a Mecca for bird watchers. Unlike most places, where common birds are found in plenty, you would not see a single of the common species here.

Interestingly, in 2006, a birder Ramana Arthreya even explored a new species of bird for the world in this region. The community runs a camp in this difficult hilly terrain where travellers can stay on their visit, this is a favourite for European birders travelling in India.

The river system of Chambal, between the borders of Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan, is another paradise for wildlife lovers. This is the cleanest river of the North Indian plains, and has an array of biodiversity. But the most thrilling species in this river are – the Gharial, about 67 per cent of the world population is found in this river alone, and the Gangetic Dolphins. This is also a great place to see the ravenous habitat and the different species of the ravines such as the owls, jackals, hyenas and small cats. If one is lucky, one might also stumble on a sighting of the skimmer bird.

Pin Valley in Himachal Pradesh, is another gem for a wildlife lover in India. This unique area is the home of snow leopard, Siberian Ibex & many other Himalayan birds, but the most amazing aspect is the fauna and landscape of this unusual cold desert.

Another interesting part of the traveller’s log is the visit to the Kanger Valley National Park, Bastar in Chhattisgarh. This is an amazing place to witness the amalgam of people, wildlife, crafts and customs. The park is an astounding landscape, the caves and the biodiversity living in the area is amazing. Sadly, this area’s changing political climate and naxalism is a huge problem for anyone traveling in the region and so is the deadly malaria. This makes it a land only for the toughest of travellers.

Travelling subjects us to new horizons away from the daily comfort of home and friends, but one comes closer to the more simpler and yet important aspects of life like air, sleep, dreams and sky. So resolve to travel as much as possible and to learn and explore more than ever in 2013.

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