Here and now is the perfect moment in time

I read some lovely lines by Cassandra Eason: “Today is the tomorrow I worried about yesterday, so if the bad thing doesn’t happen, or even it it does, I wasted yesterday fretting about what I couldn’t change anyway.” This made me think there is no right time, no perfect moment to do things. You want to do something, now is the time to kickstart it, with lots of energy, enthusiasm and drive. Then when your action is in place, you push the universe to help you see it bear fruit.

Most importantly I believe the things we regret the most are the things we never tried... So, learn to say yes to even the smallest experience. Experiences are the stuff of life, they lead to our emotional and spiritual freedom and growth.

Our lives are made up of a series of moments, good, bad, tragic and joyful. None of these can be saved or held back! Each moment passes — the sad and the happy flowing in and out of the ocean called our life. So, when we get caught up in the small minutiae of events, in the sad experience, in the pain, remember this too shall pass.

In desperate times we can get transfixed in the moment, immobile, believing it to last forever. But look back to five, 10 years ago and see if you have changed. Do you have the same emotions, the same opinions, the same views, the same loves, the same tastes....everything changes. Including ourselves. The only thing eternal is Father Time! The mystery of life is, we have only this moment to enjoy. To be in the moment is what the sages tell us. And to cruise in the moment true to yourself is magic.

This is my belief that astrologers when they do a reading, they look at that moment in your life that mirrors the past, present and future. They can see the potential but not see the manifestation of that. We can change the course of our lives by the action we take. We can change our karma. People who make a contribution to society are those who take responsibility of their lives, who don’t go playing the blame game. Who don’t whinge and grumble every moment, who, when faced with a problem, focus on the solution rather than the problem. If you hate yourself, how can you love the world you live in? Your world is a mirror of your life. I admire people who say, “I,ll handle it!” It takes the edge of things, its a neat mantra to live by.

Let me tell you how I see every moment of our life: a golden web. The moments suspend, connect and hold together everything in our lives. Every moment is full of our thoughts and our emotions that reverberates through this web. Like a drop of the ocean that holds all the properties of the ocean.Therefore, in this moment is present all the energy to attract good fortune so that it grows in our hearts with warmth, happiness, health and wealth.

The choice is ours, to harness the positive energy from within. Positive energy is like a magnet that draws the love and light to you. Because in every little moment is the everlasting “miracle of eternity”.

(The writer is a theatre director and novelist)


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