Hand made in India

Hand made in India
The lion bristles as the ‘Make in India’ week prepares to roar from February 13th. Will this mega event showcase with equal flourish what is hand made in India? After all, crafts contribute 8 percent of the GDP to the manufacturing sector and are the second largest employment generating sector after agriculture . Yet, there is a disjunction between the national policy to Make-in-India and neglect of the artisanal sector, imperiling individual creativity and hand skills. World over, industrialized economies recognize the power of ‘making’ by hands. Rolls Royce is manufactured in an assembly line system, but its radiator grill is made entirely by the hand. The German passion to details is visible not only in the ‘Enigma’ machine but in the spoon arranged next to your plate. India shared the same manufacturing ethos in building the Grand Anicut and the Taj mahal as the turning of a humble lota, and the simple toy cart.

The forthcoming issues of Financial Chronicle’s Friday supplement ROAR, starting with the introductory article Chronicles of the hand, bring together experts like Jyotindra Jain, and Urzamma, to discuss the painstaking, labour intensive search for precision that India’s crafts display and their possible future.



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