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    The culture and values of an organisation pass on from one generation to another. Neither brick and mortar endure nor people remain forever

  • I’ve been living in a village these past few weeks. The little township of Assagaon Goa is about as far from my metropolitan Delhi life as one

  • Recently a post on social media which I like countless others shared went viral evoking strong reactions. It was by a young girl who turned

  • If you have been to St John’s church in Kolkata you might have seen a 50-foot obelisk. Make no mistake this obelisk called holwell monument

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    Stories of trees that think learn and speak are safely nestled in the realm of fantasy. So when a book titled The Hidden Life of Trees: What They

  • Jack Reacher is back. The protagonist of Lee Child’s bestselling thriller novels Reacher’s the tough guy who men would love to be and women would love to be

  • In an ideal world we could try to insulate ourselves from stress and stressful situations. However it is easier to try to protect our minds and bodies

  • There are many people who are fans of end-of-season mount­aineering and trekking expeditions. Such expeditions are usually from end-September to the first week of November

  • Entering the dramatic beauty of the Great Barrier Reef was an unusual experience for all of us when we shared an entire day with the wonder of the world’s largest

  • Rajgopal Nidamboor

    Children as psychologists contend can offer amazing insights. As physicist Robert Oppenheimer once articulated “There are children playing in the street who could solve some