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    BBD Bag Kolkata was earlier known as Dalhousie square and even earlier Lal Dighi. Limited references to the early history of the that part of the city

  • I’ve been thinking a lot about what I consume lately. Partly this is because of a rise of organic shops around Delhi — I can choose to wash my

  • What is your dirtiest fantasy?” asks a wide eyed Meg Ryan looking directly into Alec Baldwin’s eyes, unblinking, probing and not breaking away her gaze in the 1992 movie Prelude

  • Celebrated film critic, the late Roger Ebert had once said of road movies that they are like a clothesline on which the director hung his concerns. In the

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    Life has a heart just as we do. Most times she is caring and nurturing but she too has a cold side and we need to experience it

  • Here’s why dancing could beat stress. Dancing it has been proven time and again not only improves your muscular coordination but it also releases tonnes of

  • The student of literature looks for form and structure. The student of life seeks hidden treasures and sensual delights

  • This week I am going to introduce you to fairly advanced self limiting exercises. I am sure you are familiar with pull-ups

  • It seems weather is likely to change our tastes in songs. Or so say researchers from Oxford University

  • The photographs say it all. A bunch of women hold aloft a fluttering hen each the poor frightened birds flapping their wings uselessly as they are tossed around