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    Few things inspire dread in the heart of the hopeful love-seeker than the perception of being “friend zoned. ” Defined as “a situation in which a friendship exists between two

  • Every heritage imaarat was not necessarily made of brick and mortar. And not every imaarat was necessarily built on land

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    While in Egypt it is not necessary for one to ‘walk like an Egyptian’, but it is a must to eat like one. The variety in Egyptian food is

  • Last week I touched upon stretching flexibility and the reason we think why it is important to stretch. However here’s a quick recap for

  • There’s nothing like a book that arrests you from the moment you set your eyes on it. K R Meera’s ‘The Gospel of Yudas’ is that kind: a book

  • Many years ago a British literary magazine held a contest for the most boring headline. The winner went som­ething like this: Small earthquake in Chile/not many injured

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    Poaching and anti-forestry activities are a problem for forest departments and conservation agencies around the world. They have been grappling with ways and means to control these for a

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    Imagine someone working in the cargo division of an airline company where the work involves taking care of the logistics and transportation of boxes from one city to the other.

  • Now I don't like to boast but I'm pretty good at selfies. In part this is because my phone has an amazing feature on it called

  • Ask a parent of a teen what’s the best way to get that teen to listen to them and they will at once tell you that the threat of taking