• May

    Last week, I wrote about the importance of enjoying your workouts, and trying to making the paradigm shift in why you exercise. A good first step in achieving that

  • Last weekend I visited Panchgani a picturesque hill station nestled close to Mahabaleshwar. Yes the place that’s famous for its awesome strawberries

  • People must have bread. They can live without stories

  • May

    These days you come across a whole bunch of buzzwords. For instance internet neutrality is quite the rage now

  • May

    The flavour of the past week was definitely Rabindranath Tagore. In Kolkata Rabindrasangeet was heard at every street corner his ballets were performed in schools and there

  • May

    Did you know that Paradesi synagogue in Kochi is the oldest active synagogue in the Commonwealth nations? And that the oldest of the Indian jewish communities is from Kochi? There’s

  • Film: Closely Observed Trains (Ostře sledované vlaky)
    Year: 1966
    Country: Czechoslovakia

    One of the finest products of the Czeck New Wave is the director Jiří Menzel’s debut feature film, released as Closely

  • A Facebook status on Piku states that had it not been for the presence of its stars, the film would have looked like a home video. This sarcastic

  • The fact that sex does play an important part in a relationship cannot be disputed. Sexual compatibility is a big area in a couple’s relationship where they have to

  • There’s a little kid who seems to live on the stairwell of my apartments. He’s not the only little kid; across from me is a four-year-old and below me