• May

    Every year on May 22 world celebrates international biodiversity day. But before 1985 no one even knew what biodiversity meant

  • May

    Mankind has worshipped the sun since beginning of civilisation. In fact the vedic scriptures of the hindu religion refer to the sun as the store house of inexhaustible power

  • Airports never make it very easy for any of us, but the past few times I have been in one, they basically suck the soul out of everyone. I

  • A friend of mine a Brit who lives in UK does not like emails. She insists on snail-mail letters hand written the old fashioned way

  • I met Manohar Rajaram Chhabria (more popularly known as Manu to his friends and MRC to his colleagues and acquaintances) in the newly renovated board room of Shaw Wallace in

  • May

    Hooray, I had thought when I came back to Mumbai some months ago from a trip abroad and found that the authorities had dispensed with the immigration form for Indian

  • As you hold in your hand the extremely thin, near-insignificant Granta book that says Anwar Gets Everything you wonder what it hides inside. Like a diminutive, anorexic woman with

  • The X-Men without Wolverine Hugh Jack­man? Seems uncon­ceivable but it seems to be happening in X-Men: Apocalypse, the ninth inst­allment in the film series. Based on the X-Men characters

  • Last week I started on a few simple rules for a healthy summer. Now for me being physically fit is just half of the story

  • One of the greatest women explorers of contemporary times, Felicity Aston of the UK, is organising an international women’s ski expedition to the North Pole in April 2017. Though