• Sep
    By Ganesh V

    Circa 1984: I am at the annual Carnatic music festival at Coimbatore. On stage I see a slip of a boy flanked by veterans (I can’t recall who

  • Sep

    Recently, when Deepika Padukone raised her voice against an objectionable photograph of hers that made headlines in a national daily, my respect for her increased by leaps and bounds.

  • Sep

    This week our focus is on upcoming exhibitions in the national capital. The first is a rather historic art event on September 25 at the Kiran Nadar Museum

  • Sep
    By Rahul Banerji

    The transfer season for European football clubs closed with some eye-popping numbers being traded by the big boys, but former Manchester United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson dismissed it all as

  • By Preeti Shenoy

    In the recent Bollywood movie, Finding Fanny— a movie I loved — Angie (Deepika Padukone) tells Savio (Arjun Kapoor) that instead of a post coital cuddle, she would prefer rolling

  • By Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan

    When I was little I imagined the government as a single entity. When my parents spoke about “The Government doing this or that ” in my head

  • By Pradyot Lal

    The India-China interface mired in the backdrop of conflict but vibrant in terms of economic possibilities is an intriguing phenomenon. As a commentator put it China’s

  • By GM Kapur

    How natural elements can change the course of both history and geography can be seen first hand by visiting Lakhpat, a small town in the Kutch district of Gujarat, located

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  • What to SEE

    Sejong Cultural Centre

    Located in the heart of Seoul, this centre ranks among the top ten performing arts centres in the world. This cultural hub offers a place