• Jul
    By Ashish Bhatia

    Android Device Manager
    Price: Free
    Platform: Android 2. 3 and up
    Ever gone through the trauma of having your phone stolen? Or the frustration of misplacing it at home and not being able

  • Jul

    This week we celebrate the world premiere of an amazing exhibition in Montreal, featuring the frescoes of Italian master Michelangelo, considered the greatest living artist in his lifetime and later

  • Jul

    Picture this scenario: after four weeks and eight dates involving coffee shops, pubs, malls, impromptu drives and countless hours of texting plus phone calls, a couple find themselves in

  • It is seldom that we come across two greats born on the same day, so when we discover two stalwarts of Indian cinema —Guru Dutt and Sanjeev Kumar — share

  • Shillong is not called the ‘Scotland of the East’ for nothing. There’s definitely something Scottish about the rolling hills enveloped in mist

  • Jul

    It was a pretty scarf an old world type of scarf purchased in the mid 1900s maybe around 1965. Lime green in colour with sprays of

  • What is that one thing which humans dread until it strikes them? It is their death. The end of life which is the eventual truth keeps

  • The prize for the most unusual story of the week must go to BEST’s marketing efforts. Those of you who live outside Mumbai may not know of the company

  • Impossible is nothing. Definitely not for Ethan Hunt IMF agent extraordinaire! After teaming up with Academy Award-winning director Brad Bird for Mission: Impossible —Ghost Protocol Tom Cruise

  • Mountains by their very nature lend themselves to sacred associations — especially to simple sensibilities. They ascend loftily into the heavens are often wreathed in clouds