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Internet explorer is the second most used browser on the web, here are a few extensions to help you manage it better

Over the last few years, the web browser has increasingly become a focal point for a lot of our work and play. Yet it cannot include all possible features and functions under its wing by default. Firstly, this would make it too bloated, clunky and ponderous. Secondly, this would mean including a slew of unnecessary tools and services that few people would need or use. Microsoft Word is good example of this — a zillion features that hardly anyone uses.

But to provide people who do want that extra functionality browserwalas allow something called extensions — or plug-ins or add-ons. An extension is a software component that adds a specific feature to an existing software application. With these users can customise their browsers according to their wants and needs. Best of all, a browser addon doesn’t have to relate to a web page. It can be about storing and securing passwords, keeping todo list, translating languages, posting to Facebook, Instagram viewing, or restricting browser usage etc.

Google Chrome may have overtaken Internet Explorer as the most popular browser globally, but the latter still holds the number two position with over an over 30 per cent share of eyeballs. However, unlike Chrome (or Firefox) which have a multitude of extensions available, Internet Explorer has the least. So this week let’s take a peek at some useful IE add-ons that extend the prowess of the browser.

Bing Bar

Think of this as a super-toolbar for IE. Apart from speeding up your browsing and mail, it make Facebook chatting as well as commenting and liking posts more convenient. You can get to Skype, read the news, check the weather, watch videos etc. in a click at any point of time when.

Parental Control Bar

If you constantly fret about perils of the big bad world of the internet and the negative implications it can have on your children, this one is for you. You can use it to control the youngsters online activity and prevent them from accessing adult-oriented websites altogether. An easy three-step installation process with the Parental Control Bar is all it takes to breathe easy on this front.


Passwords and pins are central to the subject of safety and security. And as our online world extends, so do the number of passwords we need to remember. Since keeping the same password for everything is highly unsafe and memorising all of them is not possible, we need a tool like LastPass to hold and secure our passwords. Not just that, this one will even help you auto-fill web forms.


Pocket is tool that holds all your read-it-later clippings when you find a web story you want to keep or look up at a later point of time. It also autosyncs these clippings across these devices — to your phone, tablet and other computers. Saving to it simply involves pressing the Pocket icon on the browser bar. Apart from articles, you can save images, videos and more.

Wiki Visual Search

Crowd-sourced web information resources like wikipedia may not always be able to give you accurate and authentic information, but they are the most ready and easily available place to go to. Wikipedia Visual Search allows you to get superfast, at-a-glance wikipedia entries as soon as you fire a search. And this includes a thumbnail picture of the page for easy reference as well.

Share on Facebook

The extension’s name says it all, doesn’t it? This one lets you share on Facebook the nuggets of information or entertainment you find on the internet with your family, friends and associates. It could be a page, a link or a photo. All zapped off to FB in a trice — via the right-click menu —even as you browse on.

(The author is a freelance personal tech writer)


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