Out with outdated

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Having the ability to capture market requirements and the toolset to imagine, create and experience the product, brings significant competitive advantages

Out with outdated
Diversified geographical challenges, increasingly complex consumer needs, growing awareness of environmental responsibilities, a highly competitive marketplace and absolute reliability of products are some of the demanding requirements that the manufacturing industry faces today. Along with this, original equipment manufacturers (OEM), electronics manufacturing service (EMS) providers and semiconductor manufacturers need to respond to short product life cycles, complex designs, and distributed multidisciplinary engineering and manufacturing. As a key decision maker, how can one design products that meet the consumer needs and stand out in a very competitive landscape?

Technology and innovation have reinvented the way people and businesses anticipate the impact of their actions. It allows us to witness our carbon footprints and establish clear approaches that allow it to be reduced. Choices about materials, utilisation of resources and labour, how to assemble and how to recycle, can be now based on better information and a more universal outlook. It improves the way organisations respond to and respect our environment now and tomorrow. It helps businesses and society cross boundaries, connect via social innovation and work together to imagine a better and more sustainable future.

In today’s highly challenging consumer electronics market, consumers are increasingly becoming specialised when it comes to distinguishing high quality designs. Products with high quality and stylish design and innovative usage are the first to make a mark, leaving behind massive, outdated merchandise. With the ever increasing demands for aesthetically appealing products that have the best features, designers need a fast, simple, and user-friendly solution to develop products that consumers want. Having the ability to capture market requirements and the toolset to imagine, create and experience the product, brings significant competitive advantages.

Speaking in the practically universal language of 3D, communities can easily share and reuse ideas and content resulting in faster decision making, creating better opportunities for innovation to transform the way social and sustainable innovation processes are initiated and conducted.

The revolutionary designing solutions for the industry with customers’ insights provide businesses and people with virtual universes to imagine sustainable innovations. Enabling companies to put their customers at the heart of the innovation process is the key to delivering great experiences that transcend mere products and services and is a cornerstone of the designing solutions.

Along with the designing platform, customers cangenerate “social enterprises” that involve their customers in the innovation process. With the online construction, the 3D environment helps businesses to test and evaluate anywhere in the development lifecycle of a product or service — the eventual experience they will deliver to their customers.

The experience economy is reforming the way companies deliver products to their consumers and this is causing a disruption in the industry. For instance, the need to deliver application driven platforms in unheard of time frames, combined with the economic stresses associated with the latest semiconductor process nodes is forcing companies to create new development and manufacturing strategies. Platforms for rapid analysis and prototyping are required to quickly analyse feasibility and ensure designs are meeting requirements.

Mastering so many aspects of excellence is inherently complex. The best industry solution experiences (ISE) cut through this complexity, delivering a superior experience to our customers by allowing them to implement quickly and efficiently. Built on the solid foundation of PLM and 3D designing solutions, ISE assemble the applications appropriate for technology industry into a single, potent solution that is simple to deploy and use. With established reductions in execution time, ISE deliver value faster. The simplification and enterprise assimilation that companies achieve with the designing platform and ISE boost return on investment and help customers thrive in today’s experience economy.

A robust set of dedicated design applications of the industrial design and consumer experience solution helps designers to explore and test with unrivalled freedom many ideas in the early conceptual phase. Benefitting from the highly advanced technology, product designers can capture ideas quickly and experiment with new concepts for the right market. Designers can make changes at any time throughout the design process to discover opportunities with each option and help build strong product portfolios.

Sustainable development is a real and relevant mission that can improve society and the world. In the ever changing age of technology putting customers at the heart of the innovation process is the key to deliver great experiences that surpasses mere products. This makes business as efficient as possible with the benefit of a full management overview. A cloud-based approach now makes this an even more appealing investment since scalability is natural in a cloud-based 3D experience. Application of 3D experience portfolio allows the real world to extend into the virtual world. It’s an enabler for structuring, simulating and experiencing the products in our daily lives.

(The writer is managing director, Dassault Systemes)


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