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A list of websites that help you give your profile pictures a more snazzy touch

Want to make your Facebook photos appear more interesting and lively? Thinking about learning Photoshop to add some creative effects to images? How about achieving this with a few clicks using our shortlist of funky photo websites? All these sites are very easy to use. You need neither the fine skills of a Photoshopper nor a creative genius of a Van Gogh to generate entertaining and expressive visuals. Wait! If this entire exercise sounds too juvenile for you, point your brats to the sites herein. Let them try the scores of funny, interesting and demiurgic effects on their photos to ramp up the fun quotient. You’ll get to see the results right away on the go, and can then save the image to the hard drive. Or even post the output directly to your various social media accounts in some cases.

Photofunia (

Photofunia offers scores of interesting “existing effect templates” for your uploaded photos. These range right your images featuring as cappuccino froth art to art exhibits to celebrities holding them up. The whole process is very easy and quite idiot proof. Photo scaling and appropriate placement is automatic and works perfectly in most cases. Some of the effects here are aided by face detection technology choosing the right image to be uploaded is crucial to get the right effects. Do keep in mind that for this -- and most other sites -- straightforward portrait photographs produce the best results. Apart from photo effects, there are photfilters and Facebook cover effects you can play with. The image resolution is decent and you don’t have to register yourself to get going. You’ll also find a phone app for this one across all mobile OSs.

MorphThing (

As the moniker says, MorphThing is a place where you can with morph people’s face. It could be two celebrities using the images available on the website, or a celeb with a picture of yourself. So you can see what Brad Pitt would beget with Paris Hilton, or Harry Potter with Chewbacca, or Justin Bieber with Miley Cyrus and the likes. Likewise, your upload can be morphed with any of celebs here to see what your offspring could look like! Unlike other simple blend magic morphers on the web, MorphThing is a tad more complex to use. You need identify important facial characteristics and employ a dot system to assign accurate placemarkers for the boundaries of the lips and eyes etc. And this can be both time consuming and tiresome.

Similarly, for just hairstyle mixes and matches, try

Dumpr (

Again, you can skip the registration, select the kind of photo effect from the available options and upload a photo. Depending on the type and quality of image you upload and the kind of effect you pick, some results obviously look better than others. Modifier effects like Rubik’s Cube and Jigsaw, will never fail to impress -- even those who have a fair knowledge for photo editing packages like Adobe Photoshop. And this one does it a trice. One caveat: You’ll only be able to save 72dpi versions of the generated image through via right-click-save-as. For anything more, you need to open your wallet. Despair thee not, this resolution is sufficient for all online usage. While we are at it, we should also recommend

WriteOnIt (

If you want to make it to the cover of People, Cosmo, or even Time magazine, this where you go. A photo spoof site WriteOnIt, lets you create your own fake magazine covers and visual humour with your photos. Other than this you can create funny photo montages, put your face atop the torso of a top celebrity, insert captions in photographs as tattoos, or “plaster” them on roadside hoardings and galleries.

FunPhotoBox (

Of Photofunia genre, this one also allows you to use your photos to create funny pictures and GIF animations by inserting them in a vast range of preordained situations. Same routine -- select one of the provided photo templates, upload your image and let FunPhotoBox do the rest. You can bank on this one to serve up scenario that you may find missing in Photofunia. Also, well worth bookmarking is Photo505. ( zz

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