Destressing with acquarium

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Keeping an acquarium in your house at right places helps a great deal in reducing the stress created due to vaastu related faults in your house

Destressing with acquarium
In the middle of technology boom, with people opting for all types of home automation systems to enhance the look of their house, an aquarium can be a refreshing and entertaining addition. Besides being fascinating to look at, aquariums provide a tranquilising element in a world filled with stress.

Watching those beautiful fish going about their daily business minimise your stress levels and your blood pressure. Numerous studies have shown that watching aquarium fish can make you feel calm and reduce anxiety. That is exactly the reason why doctors and dentists have an aquarium in their waiting rooms.

But did you know placing an aquarium according to vaastu helps a great deal in reducing your and your family’s stress levels?

How does vaastu work?

Vastushastri Khushdeep Bansal, founder of MahaVastu, a vaastu consultancy services firm, considers aquariums to be a good remedial measure for any vaastu related defect in your house, which leads to increase in stress levels. Keeping an aquarium in the right direction can make your life serene.

“If an aquarium is kept in a particular direction, it can help in rejuvenating the mood of the family and can also reduce stress to some extent. Stress can be caused by multiple reasons. Several vaastu faults in the building can cause major stress and even lead to severe depression. As far as an aquarium is concerned, it cannot act as a remedy or a cure for a vaastu fault, but can certainly help in reducing the level of stress when placed in the right zone of your house.”

It is believed that each time a fish dies, so does your problem at home. As per vaastu, it is believed that feeding a fish can add to your good activities, and as a result you will be free from most of evils at your home. Keeping an aquarium is also believed to be a good option to resolve your financial crisis.

Fishes to keep

Explaining the popular and vaastu-relevant fish species for your home aquarium, Bansal said, “Vaastu does not have a direct relation with the pets or fish in particular, but popular species like the Arowana or the Dragon Fish can be a good option. These fishes are believed to wad off negativity.” Apart from this you can add on many more varieties of fish to bring more colour to your home decor, like angelfish, koi, gold, tosakin, shubunkin, silver dollar fish and calico.

For decorating the tank, Bansal advises adding pebbles, plants and embellishments in colours according to the zone it is kept in. “Green and blue colours may compliment the aquarium, but avoid the use of red as it symbolises fire, which is the anti element of water” he added.

Right placement

It is advisable to keep an aquarium in a place where every visitor can see it as it is believed to move the jinx of a visitor from your home to the aquarium. So, living room is undoubtably the best place to place your aquarium. Placing an aquarium in other rooms brings negative energies and disturbs peace of mind. It is believed that placing an aquarium in the kitchen or bedroom can cause food and sleep-related problems.

According to Bansal, anything that stores water has to be placed only at their designated place. An aquarium, if placed in a conflicting direction, can cause a major vaastu fault. Thus, ironically enough, the stress buster, if not kept at the appropriate place with its face in the appropriate direction, can also bec­ome a cause of stress.

“The best place to keep an aquarium is the the east-south-east zone of your house as this can control excessive thinking and can negate stress to an extent,” Bansal adds.


Aquariums need high maintenance and the tank should be cleaned regularly. Necessary requisites, like filters, aeration and water circulation, are required in order to maintain the tank. It’s necessary that the water should be a little salty as fishes prefer to live in salt water, rather than regular water.

Water temperature is necessary for the health of your aquarium system. Aquarium heater is essential to make your fish more healthy and live long. Most tap water is not suitable for aquarium use without the addition of aquarium water conditioners. It may contain chlorine, chloramine, or other chemicals harmful to aquarium fishes. Before tap water is used for aquarium purposes, condition it with a chlorine or chloramine remover.

“Placing the aquarium does not mean that the job is done and it will start bringing in positivity. You have to make sure that the water in the aquarium is always clean and fishes in it are well fed and remain healthy. The stagnant and dirt water as well as unhealthy fishes are most likely to produce negative energy that can affect the overall environment of the house,” said Bansal.

Aquarium lighting serves two fundamental purposes. It illuminates the aquarium for your aesthetic enjoyment of the inhabitants and decorations and provides functional light crucial for photosynthetic life in the aquarium.

A well-maintained aquarium is like a piece of art. While it possesses intrinsic beauty, aquariums are highlighted best when properly displayed. Aquariums are not only a good idea for your home, but office, shop, school, factory and other residing places can have an aquarium to eliminate the vaastu defects.


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