• May

    Prime minister Nar­endra Modi’s yearlong travels through 18 countries are an indicator of the amount of attention he has given to India’s foreign relations. He has had an impressive

  • If there is one place where India’s soft power and China’s hard power come together in a sizzling match of wits, albeit unwittingly, it is in Switzerland’s most exclusive tourist

  • By Senjam Raj Sekhar


    1. William Rosenberg’s first business venture was Industrial Luncheon Services in 1946

  • For a man as suave, charming and highbrow as Najeeb Jung, Delhi’s 20th lieutenant governor, the current goings on in the national capital could be considered positively distasteful. A

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    Not every cloud has a silver lining

  • In a world where consumer is king there’s a lot of temptation to spend when you go out shopping. How can one control one’s spending? A simple answer

  • May

    There is now a serious global attempt to ensure that multinationals pay taxes in the jurisdiction in which they carry out their business. The attempt is being made keeping

  • May

    The government on Wednesday formally announced formation of a panel to look into the legacy of tax disputes with foreign investors and the first task it has been handed over

  • India’s growth is still to embark on a high growth trajectory through improvements in some economic indicators were visible in April, a survey by a US-based independent research group The

  • Ranthambhore is in a no-win situation. Just a few days ago a tiger --- T24 --- killed a forest guard his fourth victim in five years