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    1. How did the The Cuckoo’s Calling the debut detective novel by Robert Galbraith described by his publisher as “a former plain clothes Royal Military Police investigator who

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    By Piotr Skolimowski & Scott Hamilton, Bloomberg

    For an example of the problems with the standard measure of economic growth look at beds. Or media

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    In sectors ranging from retail to robotics a revolution is brewing. Powered by advancements in artificial intelligence sensor technology and computing computers can increasingly walk

  • Our obsession to stay constantly connected — with work, family and friends — coupled with an inherent desire for convenience has created another screen to keep us updated about incoming

  • As working from home and other remote working arrangements are rising these days thanks to seamless connectivity, task management and time tracking become crucial. For freelancers and independent consultants

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    1. Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world and borders every other South American country except two

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    When talking about the safety of children (both preteens and teenagers) online, it is tempting to believe that as the web is something “out there” rather than a solid physical

  • Indian fitness technology company GOQii (www.goqii.com) recently launched version 2.0 of it personal coaching based fitness band.

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    Picture this. You are nervous and fidgety

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    By all means hydropower is clean green energy. Nothing burns no fumes are emitted no heat is involved and so there is