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    Rosemary is a woody perennial medicinal herb with aromatic evergreen needle-like leaves and white pink purple or blue flowers. The herb is native to

  • By Manoj Gour Chintaluri

    If one talked about customer ‘engagement’ about 15 years ago, the term was not as much indispensable as today, especially in the product manufacturing sector. A manufacturer was more

  • Oct
    By senjam raj sekhar


    1. What was designed by sculptor Charles Sykes and is thought to have been inspired by Lord Montague’s secretary Eleanor Thornton?


  • Oct
    By Pradyot Lal

    One hundred and eighteen years after his death, the legacy bequeathed by the inventor of dynamite should be understood in all its shades of grey.
    An Irish research scholar has

  • Oct
    By Ashish Bhatia

    Since browsers can’t do everything they have extensions. And unless you’ve been living in a techphobic pond you’ll know extensions allow you to add some unifunctional superpowers

  • By Payal Dhar

    In the weeks leading up to Diwali sellers take advantage of the flurry of buying and gifting to offer incentives. And buyers find it the perfect opportunity to

  • By Susan Visvanathan

    Paul Ricoeur, a French philosopher, says that for Aristotle, rhetoric is about a theory of argumentation that involves the use of elements of argument and proof. It includes a

  • By M Muneer

    Whether you are a big business or a startup, you need a partner to do your communications to the customers and other stakeholders. Selecting on the right partner or

  • By G Venkatesh

    We read about acid attacks on people. Wilful warm-blooded punishable crimes originating from hatred jealousy and the like

  • By Kishore Reddy

    The concept of work-life balance has transformed over time and the workplace has adopted newer technologies. It has changed the traditional ways of operations and has re-defined old practices