• Nov
    By Rajgopal Nidamboor

    Fat can be good for you. You get the idea — because the big fat thing has been alarmingly misinterpreted without taking into account the quality of fats

  • By Ashley Potter

    When former nightclub bouncer Jorge Mario Bergoglio was made the 266th pope of the catholic church in March 2013, the world’s media spotlight was suddenly shone on the little known

  • By M Muneer

    The jury is still out on this: in advertising, is creativity more important than strategy? Is Piyush Pandey better than Balki? Will creative communication not tuned to strategy benefit a

  • By Sriram Shankar

    US hegemony over world affairs is being challenged not only in the real world, but also increasingly in the virtual world. Voices calling for the US to relinquish its

  • Nov


    1. The first successful machine gun was developed around mid-Nineties but its design is credited to a famous 15th century personality

  • Nov
    By Tin Chun Wong

    We all agree that good oral hygiene is essential to maintain healthy teeth and gums. But can poor oral hygiene have a negative impact on general health? Some years

  • By Sriram Shankar

    If you are unable to get enough sleep at night, your smartphone might have gotten too close to you for comfort. A growing body of research is pointing to

  • By M Muneer

    Marketing in the virtual space is an altogether different ballgame even though the principles of marketing remain the same. The rules in this space differ

  • By Shree Parthasarathy

    Electronic government or e-government is defined as “the use of information and communication technologies in government to provide public services, to improve managerial effectiveness and to promote democratic values; as

  • By Rajgopal Nidamboor

    Critics, or sceptics, argue that glucosamine adherents have an ostentatious pitch: that the nutritional supplement has ‘the unique ability’ to provide pain relief and help regenerate damaged tissue in joints.