• Jul
    By Gerd Mueller

    In India about 63 million people suffer from diabetes today. And this figure is likely to go up to 80 million by 2025

  • By Rajgopal Nidamboor

    The use of antib­iotics is based on the paradigm that there is a battle in progress in the body and it must be resolved; and that the body is not

  • Jul

    Chauvinism is as bad as fundamentalism. It is unfortunate that Hindi zealots have raised their heads again in the country trying to whip up passions

  • Jul
    By Ashiish Bhatia

    Over the last few years, the web browser has increasingly become a focal point for a lot of our work and play. Yet it cannot include all possible features

  • Businesses cannot grow without innovation. For success innovation is the most critical factor

  • By Sunil Lalvani

    Over the years, several path breaking innovations and trends have emerged in the technology space, replacing existing systems and ethos, transforming the way we live, think and work. From

  • By Arturo Bris

    In the summer of 2008 the US financial sector suffered one of the most damaging events in its history. The volatile stock market induced by the subprime

  • Jul
    By R Venkatraman, Managing director, India Infoline

    Given the tone of the statements made in railway budget and economic survey Jaitley’s budget was on predictable lines. He carried forward the message that the economy was

  • By Sanjay Chamria, Managing director, Magma Fincorp

    The finance minister has done a commendable job within the constraints of fiscal space available to him. He has reiterated the need to reduce fiscal deficit and has estimated

  • By Richard Rekhy, CEO, KPMG

    There is no magic wand to set things right in one stroke and one needs to be pragmatic and effect cha­n­ges in small dosage, otherwise it can be counter-productive.