• May

    We’ve spoken of VPN in the past — virtual private network — which creates a secure and encrypted tunnel for information to pass between you and the VPN provider.

  • Once upon a time long long ago there lived a man called Abdul Kassem Ismael. As the Grand Vizier of Persia and a renowned statesman and soldier

  • That Maria Sharapova failed a dope test a couple of months ago is nothing new. A swift flashback would reveal that it was Martina Hingis before her — one

  • The Allies put an end to heavy water production at Vemork in Rjukan in southern Norway in 1943, and with that, succeeded in ensuring that Hitler did not get to

  • By Milind Sohani

    Once again students of class XII nationwide have been roiled by stress and uncertainty. This time it has come from the Supreme Court pronouncements of April 11 and

  • May

    1. Sardar Patel’s Statue of Unity will be the tallest statue in the world when it gets completed

  • May
    By Sudha Shastri

    In an academic phase that has been ushered in by the well known critic Raymond Williams questioning of English studies — its rel­evance, indeed its very raison d’être — William

  • By Mini Chandran

    The surest and most effective way to ‘kill off’ an author is to get him / her taught in the classroom. Explained, annotated, quoted, short- and long-questioned, s/he is

  • In Shakespeare, the trope of the mirror or gazing at the face of the other that mirrors one’s self is a recurring theme evoking a sense of displacement — sometimes

  • By Sudha Shastri

    The western tradition of revering the ‘truth of the imagination’ and asserting its moral power is nowhere more forcefully evident than among the English romantic poets. Centuries before them,