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    The sudden decision by the Switzerland Central Bank to allow its currency to appreciate and not fix its peg as was the case for the last three years has led


    One of the most talked about paintings over the past week was Caravaggio’s Boy Peeling a Fruit which was up for sale by Christies New York, as part of the

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    By Senjam Raj Sekhar


    1. Which wildlife sanctuary that started as a protected area in 1910 literally means 10 villages?


  • The hard–easy effect is a cognitive bias that occurs when, based on a specific level of difficulty of a given task, subjective judgments do not accurately reflect the true difficulty

  • By Ashish Bhatia

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    As you’re aware, smartphone notifications are pings when a text/Whatsapp/BBM/mail arrives, or when it’s time for an event. On Android devices these

  • After decades of Congress pussyfooting Narendra Modi’s decisive moves on India’s China-centric foreign policy are paying off. That would be the inevitable conclusion drawn by those that are

  • After several quarters of de-growth you started seeing growth in AUMs this financial year. Do you see 2014 as a year that brought back hope to the sector

  • By Somasundaram PR

    For many years the most avid purchaser of gold in the world, India remains one of the leading markets for gold demand globally. This demand is innate and cuts

  • By Pankaj Parekh

    In the calendar year 2014, Indians had a good opportunity to buy gold jewellery because of relatively lower gold price prevailing in the market, irrespective of the fact that there

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    By Parag Raja

    This question remains unanswered most of the time due to lack of kno­wl­­edge. Insurance is the best financial tool to protect your loved ones fin­a­­ncially in case you suffer