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    Most of us don’t need an excuse to spend, but here’s a few feel good reasons— an upward graph of the economy, perception (not reality) of better jobs, and a

  • UNESCO World Natural Heritage site Jungfrau-Aletsch-Bietsch­horn, is the most glaciated part of the Alps
    Deep curved valleys, miles of undisturbed snow, high peaks at frequent intervals, and along the

  • Our bodies are extremely complex systems that are much more in tune with our environment than we realize. Call these primal instincts coded deep into our genetic makeup if

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    What do you see when you imagine a reader? A student hunched over a textbook? A youngster engrossed in a story? An adult curled up in bed late at night

  • When your smartphone can have a pin lock or fingerprint sensor, isn’t it about time something as important as your wallet acquired one too? Well, the iWallet Slim Carbon Fiber

  • Ever wondered what kids of our times are going to think about today’s cool, cutting-edge tech when they grow up? Will our multi-touch mobiles, slim-line laptops and snappy fitness bands

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    1. Jane Mallory singer and actor is known for her role in movies such as Death on the Nile Evil Under the Sun and Don Juan

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    Energy advice or energy counselling is an integral part of the function of municipalities in countries like Sweden. After all with the energy sector being so central to

  • For those who have been living under a rock, the raison d’etre of a smartwatch is to bring at-a-glance information along with a number of intelligent features right to your

  • Last week news filtered in that Apple might be automatically pushing updates of macOS Sierra on compatible systems. Reminds you of the the sneaky Windows 10 assault? Fortunately