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    For a tomboyish, happy-go-lucky girl and prankster of the top draw that I was, my world turned upside down when I was diagnosed with stage-I, or early, cancer of the

  • THe silent killer may be on the prowl but forewarned is always forearmed. Given our access to a vast resource such as the world wide web it

  • By Kuruvilla Pandikattu

    The case of Angelina Jolie removing her fallopian tubes and ovaries to avert cancer has brought the attention of the whole world to the moral and spiritual dimensions of particular

  • By Samir Parikh

    Despite tremendous advancements in medical sciences, even today the word ‘cancer’ is associated with extreme distress and anguish for patients, their families as well as caregivers. It is not

  • By Pravin Mhatre

    JUST a few weeks ago, Angelina Jolie, who lost her mother, grandmother and aunt to cancer, decided it was time to be ‘hands-on’, again, to preserving her optimal health and

  • By Sankar Srinivasan

    After being detected with the BRCA1 mutation that increases her chances of cancer, Angelina Jolie has undergone surgery to remove her ovaries and fallopian tubes, her second preventive surgery in

  • By Shinie Antony

    You can kiss your ovaries goodbye. Now that Angie baby had hers removed it’s passé to keep them

  • By AFP

    Solar Impulse 2 took off from Myanmar's second biggest city of Mandalay early today and headed for China's Chongqing, the fifth flight of a landmark journey to circumnavigate the globe

  • Whirlpool of India is a leading manufacturer of home appliances. It also provides services in the area of product development information technology accounting and procurement services to

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    What is design thinking and why is it gaining popularity in India of late?
    While the definition of design thinking is often debated, a simple way of explaining it is ‘intelligent