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    India is sitting on the cusp of a "digital revolution", Union Minister for Communications and IT Ravi Shankar Prasad has told leading IT firms, asking them to take advantage of

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    A Fortune 500 energy company in the US has been accused of replacing American employees with low-wage H-1B workers, including Indians.
    In a letter to US Attorney General Loretta Lynch,

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    1. Which city in India was originally known as Sakchi before it was renamed in 1919 by Lord Chelmsford?

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    The world being at our fingertips has necessitated changes in our lives, but it has also resulted in certain habits or behaviours whose implications we might not have fully considered.

  • The mobile phone unarguably rose to become the first screen of choice for most of us a couple of years ago. However, the battle for eyeballs for the second

  • Ecology is a way of looking at the world, in a subjective and emotional manner, not just as an objective and rational one. It involves seeing the world with

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    Of the many non-fossil and, thereby, non-carbon dioxide-emitting sources of energy, nuclear energy scores well as a green, reliable and concentrated one. No greenhouse gases at the smokestack and

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    One of the key aspects for long-term success for any business is having a good handle on how your customers are responding to your business, your employees, your products

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    The Modi government's vision of creating 100 smart cities will require an investment of over $150 billion over the next few years with private sector being a significant contributor, says

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    Search engine giant Google has paid Sanmay Ved the man who owned Google. Com for a minute $6 006