Be a beach babe

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Be a beach babe
Last week, we gave tips to our gentlemen readers on how get fit for a summer on the beach. This week, it is time for some advice for the ladies. In my experience as a wellness expert, I have come to the conclusion that we get to our fittest when we want to look our best, and while ideally this should be done the other way around, as long as you work out and end up looking good and feel healthy, it is a positive outcome.

My two-point mantra to get where you want to be body wise quickly is: Eat carefully and start moving freely. Be active, if you don’t have time for the gym or you happen to like it, you can do a lot for your fitness level. Kick-start your day with exercise if possible; an early morning session will get your metabolism going and the benefits can last for up to 15 hours after training. Keep your body and training balanced; always pay attention to your posture. We all love looking at ourselves in the mirror, so use it! Make sure that you tone up all round the body, not just what you see when you look in the gym mirrors.

When it comes to the actual exercises, please do not forget about cardiovascular training. For a balanced health and fitness programme, cardio helps your body’s most important muscle — the heart — to get healthy and stay healthy too. I love interval training also called Tabata where you are doing short duration high intensity cardio for anywhere between 15 to 30 seconds followed by the same duration period of slow movement, during which you recover for the next round. Do 10 to 20 rounds, it will really get you going and will help you burn more calories! This way you will also start shaping up your legs, thighs and bottom. Add to this a floor leg workout, which will include leg raises, leg circles and leg extensions, which will give you a lean and toned look.

Don’t forget to focus on your upper body. The best way is to engage in some free weight exercises, along with push-ups as they will work your entire body, leg, back and core muscles as well as the arms! Use proper technique. Never settle for quality over quantity. 10 slow well executed movements are better than 100 bad ones. Abdominal crunches is just one of the exercises.

Also remember to focus on your lower abs by doing reverse crunches (lie down on the floor with your legs elevated, preferably straight, but they can be bent as well and alternately lift your upper body and lower body-bottom off the ground) should be included, together with training for the obliques. For me, apart from posture your deep postural muscles are the most important part for your body looking and feeling good. Good core strength will ‘pull everything in’ as well as greatly improving your posture. If you exercise your core muscles, not only will you be able to get into last year’s swim wear, you may need to buy a smaller size. So if you have not chalked out your plan for looking good for the summer holidays, start right away.

(The author is a wellness expert and runs a fitness centre in New Delhi)


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