<b>Slice of life:</b> Listen to your inner voice
It is the universe that is nudging us gently towards the path that is apt for us; so do pay attention
Reiki masters, spiritual teachers and those that believe in spirit guides swear by the fact that universe is sending us signals all the time, about what paths to choose and what decisions to make. An unexpected delay due to which you missed a flight that you had to catch, electric power or internet failing just as you are about to send an important mail, a visitor that you are not expecting turning up disrupting an earlier plan you made, a vital piece of information that you come across which somehow accelerates your path — all of them can be dismissed as mere coincidences or one can perceive them as “something more.” There are many who believe that it is the “guidance of the universe.” It is the universe or the spirit guides who are nudging us gently in the path that is apt for us.
Sonia Choquette, a spiritual teacher, motivational speaker and an author emphatically states that all of us have six senses, the sixth sense being the intuition, the gut feel, the vibe or just a deep inner feeling. Most of us are so submerged in our daily lives that we have lost the connection with the inner us. She says intellectualisation and industrialisation have left us with a host of material comforts, but with bereft, deprived spirits. We have lost the connection with our souls, and we are filled with a deep sense of discontentment that no amount of money, success or material comfort alleviates. There is always that feeling of emptiness or something missing, which one cannot put a finger on.
In her book Ask Your Guides, she talks about a lady called Valerie who came to her as she suffered from extreme fatigue and couldn’t get through a single day without collapsing half way. She had visited many doctors and was tested or everything from hyperthyroidism to Lyme disease. Medically, there were no causes for her condition, and there were no concrete reasons. When she came to Choquette, she could identify her problem immediately.
Valerie’s guides communicated to Choquette that Valerie at her core, was an artist and a musician. She loved beautiful music and creating enchanting gardens. Hers was a gentle spirit that needed the company of animals, music and nature. Years ago, she had married her high-school sweetheart who worked as an airline mechanic who was ambitious, applying for new jobs on a regular basis. They had moved five times in last six years, sharing houses with strangers as they couldn’t afford housing of their own. Her husband’s spirit loved the excitement and adventure, but her own spirit was stifled and was dying. Because of her loyalty to her husband, Valerie had lost her connection with herself, and the things that made her happy. Her guides told Choquette that Valerie needed to get back to a quiet natural life to revive her spirit.
Valerie asked Choquette if it meant that she had to divorce her husband. But that was a decision, which Valerie had to make for herself. She moved back to her hometown, Wisconsin, and immersed herself in nature, long walks, gardening and playing the piano. Valerie was soon back to her happy self. Their marriage did not end in a divorce. Instead her husband worked out an arrangement where he would work 10 days from the city and came back to her for five days. This worked out beautifully for both and both were happy.
The book is worth a read for it is an interesting perspective, beautifully written explanations with practical examples.
A common fact that most of those in the field of spiritual healing share is that their patients come to them all the time, asking how to tell if it is just a random coincidence, or if there is something more to it. Spiritual teachers say that if it consistently occurs, in a manner where you sit up and take notice, if it nags you and makes you think, then it is worth thinking about.
Since science has not accepted that spirit guides, and things such as signs from the universe may exist, many people are hesitant to talk about their experiences. It is important to remember what Neil De Grasse Tyson, one of the greatest astrophysicists of our times said: “The Universe is under no obligation to make sense to you.”
While there is a lot we know, thanks to science, I would like to believe that there is even more that we do not know, yet.
(Preeti Shenoy is the author of eight bestselling books,the latest being a fiction titled It’s All In The Planets)
Preeti Shenoy