Gizmo Geek: Doing business in luxury
The Numi toilet is designed to individual preferences and packed with features like touchscreen remote control to tweak everything to your fancy, for $6,400

Would you fork out for a toilet that costs almost as much as a car? No? What if it plays you music as you do your business, washes and dries you, and de-odourises itself afterwards? Kohler, a name that needs no introduction in the plumbing business, has one such product, the Numi toilet – a luxury throne with custom options for when you have to go.

The fact of a high-tech luxury toilet is a little difficult to get one’s head around, mainly because the bathroom is not a place one plans to spend any more time than absolutely needed. The Numi, though, is designed to be tweaked to individual preferences and packed with features one never dreamt would exist in a loo—such as, its own touchscreen remote control that lets you tweak everything to your personal fancy. But what could you possibly want to remote control when you’re on the pot? Sit back and let us tell you.

The first thing that strikes you is that the Numi is beautifully designed, elegant even. Its compact, streamlined form, all lines and angles rather than the curves one usually associates with toilets, speaks of a minimalist, modern aesthetic—which makes this a sentence one could have never imagined one would ever have to write about a toilet. But jokes apart, the makers promise that this focus on form does not mean they scrounged on functionality.

The Numi has a motion-activated automatic open-and- close function, and it comes with a heated seat and foot warmer (though this is something you’d prefer not to think about if you live in warmer climes). There is an integrated bidet wand that slides out when needed and goes back in when its work is done.

The water temperature, pressure and spray pattern of the bidet can be personalised, and, as mentioned earlier, it is fitted with an air dryer and de-odourising filter as well. There is a choice of flushing cycles, of course, for full and partial flush, and the Numi’s integrated WaterSense tech claims to save at least 20 per cent water compared to “normal” toilets.

Further, while you’re seated, this tech marvel has a built-in FM radio and speakers to play your preferred music, podcast, audiobook or whatever else your pleasure might be. Audio can either be wirelessly streamed through Bluetooth or from a device connected with an auxiliary cable; or it can be loaded to the available SD card. There is also ambient lighting to accompany you, with illuminated panels towards the back that light up in seven different colours and can be customised with day-of- the-week options.

A power-saver mode is available to conserve electricity, and emergency flush support gives you up to 100 flushes in the event of a power cut. Of course, all of these features and functions can be set up, personalised and controlled through the touchscreen remote. However, to avail of this wonder of plumbing tech, you need to be living in North or Latin America, and have no qualms about spending $6,400 (the remote unit is extra) on a loo.

Payal Dhar