<b>Gizmo Geek:</b> The best pet tubs money can buy
Bathtubs for Pets bring you specially created stainless steel sinks that make doggy or kitty baths a walk in the park
What is the most outlandish tech that money can buy? For the longest time we were of the opinion that $60,000 diamond-studded iPhones were bizarre or that splashing out $300 million on a luxury jet was opulent. But a $10,000 bathtub and care station for your resident furry friends might just about the tipping the scales on the side of the eccentric too.
From the house of Forever Stainless Steel, a ‘world leader’ in quality, innovative pet care concepts for almost two decades, Bathtubs for Pets bring you specially created stainless steel sinks that make doggy or kitty baths a walk in the park (forgive the pun). Starting with a selection of stainless steel tubs, and adding accessories as required, you can build yourself a pet care station, with adjustable platforms, drying and brushing utilities, hair-catching systems and more. From the sound of it, it might well end up rivalling your own shower experience.
There is a selection of different kinds of tubs, starting with the standard tub, a 14-gauge stainless steel, fully welded tub, with no bells and whistles. Top-class finishing means this one, and all the other tubs, are built to last. The standard tub also comes with a Hair Catching System built in, a patented design comprising an integral drain trough, with a lift-out fine-mesh basket that keeps hair and other debris from flowing into the drain. Both standard tubs also work with Bathtubs for Pets’ Elevating Platform System, sold separately, to lift your pet in and out of the tub.
The step-in tubs are deeper tubs with lift-out doors for easy access. This version comes in a vanilla edition as well as one with the Hair Catching System built in. These tubs also work with the Elevating Platform as well as a Canine Step Stool, both sold separately. The midi-tub is perfect for smaller animals and can also double up as a utility sink. The makers call it a ‘space-efficient solution for bathing pets in a residential setting’. It is available in two sizes.
And finally, we have the ADA Petwash System, which is designed to meet accessibility requirements as laid out in the Americans with Disabilities Act. It is designed with under-tub clearance for wheelchair access with no obstructions below the sink, and maximum possible reach to taps, tethering points and such like. It also comes with a custom step stool for easy access to larger pets, lower step-over thresholds, mat set for pets to stand on to avoid slipping,
All tubs come with a choice of different tap fixtures, including lightweight or deluxe options, choice of right-hand or left-hand plumbing, plus accessories (at extra cost). Which brings us to the price point. As mentioned earlier, these pooch-and-kitty tubs do not come cheap, starting from $3,000 for the midi-tub, going up to $6,000 for a high-end step-in tub with Hair Catching System. An additional pet care station with a dryer will put you back by another $3,500, whereas a drying and brushing table costs $3,200, with a dryer. So if you really want to spoil your pet, you know what you need.
Payal Dhar