Luring Indians to destination USA
Brand USA sees huge potential in outbound tourism from India and shares its success for the seventh year in a row

Slump in Rupee or fear of global slowdown has little impact on Indian leisure or budget travel to foreign destinations. This is evident from Brand USA roadshow, organised by the US-based destination marketing organization

For Christopher L Thompson, CEO, Brand USA it would be naïve to say that there has been no impact but the diversity of the experience and the “range of value proposition allow us plenty of opportunities even when the dollar is strong. Having said that we have not witnessed significant impact when it comes to overall numbers.”

According to the data available, leisure, business and education are the three major segments where Indian travellers are keen to visit the US.

“With 1.29 million visitors in 2017, India was the 11th highest ranked country by arrival numbers and ranked sixth in terms of visitor spends to the US,” explains Brian Krolicki, commissioner, lt governor & chairman of Nevada Commission of Tourism.

This is the first time the state of Nevada is coming to India to market the destination and it promises to offer much more than just Las Vegas. “Since many of the travelers are young, we are trying to lure them with adventure sport and other interesting activities. We believe this market is going to grow and explode. We have an entire portfolio of options. We are happy to see the demand,” says Brian.

Brand USA on Friday also concluded its travel India mission, which saw participation of 64 delegates from tourism boards, operators, hotels and aggregators.

In the six-day event, the delegates visited Bengalore, Mumbai and New Delhi and interacted with Indian business partners.

According to Sheema Vohra, managing director of Brand USA “India holds vast potential for increased tourism to the US and we anticipate significant growth in the future,”.