Needed children centric homes
Congested landscapes and technology driven lifestyle deprive them from traditional forms of recreation

Urbanisation and digital invasion into the lives of common people have brought in significant changes in today’s lifestyle. In modern housing setups, the infrastructural layouts do not focus primarily on children and amenities vital for their development. Congested landscapes and technology-driven lifestyle cut off today’s children from the traditional forms of recreation. However, the need still lingers and parents now are looking for setups, which are designed with a focus on kids. A well-developed public infrastructural set up not just propels the overall development of the country, but also contributes to nurturing the society.

Rapid urbanisation and emerging concept of nuclear families have further added to the obstacles in the form of time management.

Working parents struggle to invest on time and prefer investing in exposures, which cater to their need. Working parents barely manage to take their kids out for regular extra-curricular activities and sports. It is very necessary to expose children to physical and extra-curricular activities ensuring their holistic development. It is recommended for young parents to invest in property that ensures basic amenities in terms of safety, security, learning and recreation, offering constructive growth for their kids’ better upbringing and development. Even an increase in purchasing power of the young generation has further given a boost to unique living experiences.

It is the apt time for realty market to indulge in child-centric projects, designed and conceptualised with child-friendly amenities ranging from well-equipped parks, swimming pools, outdoor recreational options to organising interesting extra-curricular activities – music, dance, photography and the likes to attract young working families.

In today’s competitive market, it is very important for the realty segment to come up with innovations and interesting propositions to convince modern buyers.

A blend of experiential learning and exposure to traditional outdoor games like kabaddi, kho kho etc plays a vital role in kids’ overall development. It is predominantly observed that the real stage of a growing child is surrounded by immense pressure of schooling and coaching classes, which in turn eliminates the scope of fostering physical activities in their daily schedule.

Hence, if they get a proper and precise environment for both indoor as well as outdoor activities within their residential spaces, it can directly aid them to develop interest and maintain a balance between their physical and logical thoughts further ensuring a healthy and conducive lifestyle. Investing in a property with well-equipped amenities for children will further make the life of working parents much easier and convenient.

Therefore, children-centric projects are being witnessed as a new realty trend penetrating the real estate market with unconventional innovations combined with purpose. Kid-centric homes are the best bet for nuclear family that contributes to providing best upbringing for children. Safety and security of children top the priority list of the buyers. Thus, it is recommended to choose child-centric homes, which incorporate all basic and advanced amenities for a sound and happy lifestyle and development under a planned society.

(The writer is director, Ashiana Housing)