• Oct

    French luxury salon and spa chain - Jean-Claude Biguine is betting big on India’s growing beauty salon business. It is also bullish about India’s hair cure market and

  • Aug

    Fashion brand Splash part of Middle East-based Landmark Group finds India ready to accept high street international fashion. The company is re-launching Splash in India and plans

  • Jul

    The jewellery fabrication demand for platinum in India was down 10 per cent last year as jewellers kept their inventory levels low due to steeply declining prices. In the

  • Jul

    Lyra, from the stable of Ebell Fashion, an arm of the Kolkata-headquartered Lux Group, has lined up plans to become a complete womenswear brand by foraying into lingerie and loungewear.

  • Jun

    Monsoon is such a blissful time. The drizzling foggy mornings dark clouds roaring throughout the day and rain showers drenching one and all makes it look nothing

  • May

    India is fast emerging as a ‘truly growing market’ for luxury goods thanks to several positive factors. And that’s reflected in the fact that three Indian brands —

  • May

    How often I have heard adults chide a good looking young girl in a form fitting mid thigh striped dress to “sit properly”, “no need to stand out.

  • May

    While cotton indeed is king, when it comes to clothing the king himself, synthetics rule. We are not telling you this because India's corporate behemoth Reliance Industries runs one of the world’s biggest petrochemicals hubs in, where else, Gujarat.

  • May

    Fast fashion is no longer just limited to adultwear. As international brands get increasingly active in the kids segment Max Fashion part of the $5 billion Dubai

  • Apr
    By Ramy Inocencio, Bloomberg

    “Man oh man this is such a hard ride to get. They always restrict this