• Jan
    By PTI

    Aiming to diversify globally, India-based leather goods manufacturer Hidesign is bullish on growing its presence in the US market and is seeking to capture the niche segment with its range

  • Dec
    By PTI

    Senco Gold and Diamonds, one of the leading jewellery brands of the country, plans to open 30 new stores across the country and abroad by the end of 2017-18 fiscal.

  • Oct

    The Indian textiles industry boasts of a rich handloom heritage. However amidst a host of global retail chains entering the Indian market — who can forget the massive

  • Oct
    By PTI

    Swedish fashion retailer Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) plans to kick off its Indian operations with three stores, the first one of which will be opened in the national capital tomorrow.

  • Jul
    By Pamela Eyring

    Stories abound about business meetings gone awry via Skype, today’s virtual connection with 300 million registered users logging on to make free or low-cost voice and video calls.
    Whether you

  • Jul

    Over the last several years the fashion industry has seen some very dramatic changes from the evolution of the ecommerce world to social media, from the revival of handlooms and

  • Jul

    Cotton as any connoisseur will tell you is not just a material. It’s a state of mind a statement of style a lightness of being

  • Jun
    By PTI

    Khadi is attracting small upcoming fashion labels who are exploring possibilities to reinvent the intricate handspun fabric and keep it relevant in an industry driven by experimentation.

    With chic silhoutes

  • May
    By Kurt Soller

    Greg Chait has a theory about why people like cashmere. “When something is that soft and feels that amazing we just know that it’s good ” he says

  • Mar

    What do Dr. Martens shoes Ray Ban aviators trench coats bomber jackets and Khakis have in common? An eternal love for military