Lycos bets on India, focus on new offerings

BSE listed digital advertising and software services company Lycos Internet Limited, formerly Ybrant Digital, which had a fairly good success in tapping digital advertising opportunity in the US and other markets, is now turning its focus to India, according to its chairman and chief executive officer Suresh Reddy.

This apart it is strengthening its offerings. Among others, it will expand its Lycos TV, which is now currently in the US markets, to other markets. For this, it will partner with multiple content providers. It now works with CNN, Reuters and others for the content.

It will launch the revamped Lycos Shopping in India and South America in four months. It will be a price comparision shopping. It earlier had a partner for this but now it is going alone, Reddy said.

Earlier, the company had decided to brand its entire business around Lycos, the search engine which it had acquired. “The intent is create a brand new Lycos and not recreate a search engine,” he said. It has already brought its media segment as Lycos Media and its ad network will also be renamed to align with Lycos, which is a known global brand, to generate more business, he said.

Among others, it will have messenger service offering. The app for Android is ready and work is on for ios version. It will be for the global markets soon. It will be a scaled version to begin with and add-ons will come gradually. Lycos will also focus on internet of things, mainly on sensors and other data generators. This will be launched first in India and work on it has been on for six months now, he said.

Reddy said it was also working on other concepts like programmatic buying, where the patterns of consumer usage on a website are figured out and accordingly a programme is written for buying and selling of media for advertising. It has set up a separate division with a mix of programmers, traffic management and sales professionals.

It was also developing an in-house solution for managing publishers on one central platform. New features and functionalities have been added to simplify integration and monetisation tracking of publishers.



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