• May
    By Nivedita Bhattacharjee and Clara Ferreira-Marques, Reuters

    After ping pong tables, motivational posters and casual dress codes, India's tech start-ups are following Silicon Valley's lead and embracing the "fail fast" culture credited with fuelling creativity and success

  • Apr
    By Prabal Banerjee, President - International Finance, Essar Services India

    As lots of companies continue to borrow in foreign loans and as per data in the last quarter Indian companies borrowed around $16 billion expecting the Indian currency to be

  • Mar

    Several angel investors including VC industry veteran Ravi Krishnappa have exited Chennai-based hotel booking site Stayzilla. com with over 18x returns

  • Mar
    By Rakesh Khanna, chief executive officer, Orient Electric

    The Indian home electrical industry has undergone a complete transformation over the last three decades. Consumers are now increasingly spending a disproportionate amount of time and money on improving

  • Feb

    Seed-stage venture capital fund AngelPrime announced on Tuesday that it has invested $5 00 000 in Chennai-based Nimble Wireless. The latter specialises in internet-of-things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies

  • Feb

    BSE listed digital advertising and software services company Lycos Internet Limited, formerly Ybrant Digital, which had a fairly good success in tapping digital advertising opportunity in the US and other

  • Feb

    Hyderabad will soon have its own Ted Fellows kind of platform, which will be a hub for cross-disciplinary collaboration, connection and innovations. Hyderabad 4 Innovation (H4I) will initially have

  • With a rise in nuclear families in India, family run businesses in India are facing a gap between the first and the younger generation with a rising concern for long

  • Jan
    By B Krishna Mohan

    After establishing itself as a key market for software technologies, Hyderabad is evolving as the new breeding ground for technology startups, mainly due to evolving support infrastructure for startups.

  • Jan
    By PTI

    Indian CEOs are the second most optimistic in the world when it comes to their companies' growth prospects in the next 12 months and are planning aggressive hiring during the