Editors Column

Competition amongst states to unshackle the potential for businesses, industry and services is a sure shot way for India to move ahead in the global sweeps stakes in ‘ease of doing business’.

Slam dunk decision on the part of NCLT in the Cyrus Mistry petition against the House of Tatas is seminal in that it shuts the door in the face of the Pallonji Mistry family, which after the Tata Trusts is the single largest shareholder in the group holding company.

A faux cultural nationalism is sweeping India. Its dangerous spin off is mob lynchings. And if you go deeper into the concentric circle of this phenomenon then there is convergence of thought and ideas. Imagine sitting ministers of this dispensation batting for these despicable people. It has been a distasteful season.

After having disrupted voice and data mobile telephony, now Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Jio has extended the competition to the Rs 60,000 crore broadband services market.

Should gambling and betting in sports including cricket be given statutory backing and legalised? At least, the Law Commission thinks that it’s the only way to regulate the unregulated gambling and betting industry that has spread its tentacles in India.

After the initial ecstasy and celebration, Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal must have realised that the Supreme Court has not given his government any additional powers. It has merely stated where the LG’s jurisdiction ends. Be that as may, law and order, police and land continue to be outside Kejriwal government’s ambit and the state legislature’s purview.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led central government’s bonanza of Rs 15,500 crore to farmers via prices support mechanism for 14 crops including paddy in the Kharif season is perhaps unprecedented in post-independent Indian agriculture history.

Will homegrown businessmen rule the roost in global steel industry sweepstakes?

There are many ways to interpret any macro number, but probably foreign direct investment (FDI) numbers can be interpreted in only one way, for what they are. Of course, Cassandras will say that if you include equity investment numbers, FDI will zoom up.

The Modi government has been wishfully chasing the Golden Fleece on black money forever. Unfortunately this obsession has been most unsuccessful. Several attempts at unearthing black stash have come unstuck. Embarrassingly.