Editors Column

India has been sucked into the whirlpool of a raging global trade war involving the big boys. And, the country finds itself in the midst of a massive tariff and trade re-engagement with the US on the one side, and the European Union and China on the other.

Indian markets may not have huge depth to support 900-odd aircraft acquisition, wet or dry leasing of these machines. And, Indian banks that are neck deep with Rs 10.82 lakh crore non-performing assets have serious constraints in supporting large leasing finance deals.

Military action alone cannot bring back normalcy in trouble-torn Kashmir Valley. Neither can central rule by proxy enable lasting peace in the region that has seen subversive terrorism ably abetted, funded and propelled by extremist military elements across the border.

If Audi chief executive Rupert Stadler can be arrested for cheating on diesel emissions tests, why can’t the CBI swiftly probe charges of ‘favouritism and impropriety’ against ICICI Bank managing director Chanda Kochhar? The Justice BN Srikrishna panel has been set up to probe Kochhar for her reported charges of quid pro quo, nepotism and conflict of interest.

As reported by this paper in the Monday edition, the government is considering the issue of float rate notes and buying to cool down the yield. The government is the biggest borrower in the country. Any rise in interest rates has the biggest impact on its finances and hence its worries are well understood.

US President Donald Trump’s fond hope that Americans, like North Koreans listening to their ‘supreme leader’ Kim Jong Un, would sit upright during speeches delivered by him carries a dangerous rather than a mirthful message.

The eve of Eid turned into a horrific day for the Valley where a respected journalist was killed, a soldier on leave was sprayed with bullets and a UN body came up with a damning report on human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir. At a time when the people were readying for Eid celebrations, the atmosphere has suddenly turned sombre even though Kashmir is not new to unexpected funerals.

Unmanageable current account deficit (CAD) should be cause for worry for Arun Jaitley and interim finance minister Piyush Goyal ahead of the last full budget to be presented even as prime minister Narendra Modi prepares to seek a second term in office.

What stopped the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) from preventing frauds in the banking industry? Does the banking regulator need more powers to ensure a transparent, efficient and customer-friendly banking industry? It is curious that RBI Governor Urjit Patel should seek more powers to rein in wrongdoers.

A peaceful Korean peninsula is a big plus in the security matrix of Asia. An end to 67 years of hostility between North Korea on the one side and the US-Japan-South Korea troika on the other will provide a big boost to peace in the region.