Editors Column
Supreme Court may have touched a raw nerve when the bench headed by chief justice JS Khehar asked the government to formulate a comprehensive alternative policy framework to deal with farmers’ suicides. The honourable court is right when it hinted that providing compensation to kith and kin of farmers who ended their lives was not the right approach to an issue of gargantuan proportions.
India faces a critical shortage of vital organs and tissues and among the key reasons for that is the number of specialists equipped to do organ retrieval and transplants isn’t large enough. The absence of organ banks in the country could be the biggest issue that does not allow the country to store and retrieve organs for people suffering from organ failure.
De-leveraging balance sheets by retiring debt are normally a strategy undertaken by companies or groups especially in the infrastructure sector with long gestation. Volatile market conditions or the urge to consolidate their operations and provide better value to its investors may also force companies to re-balance their debt portfolio.
How does one explain the 7 per cent GDP growth in October-December 2016 quarter during which high value currencies in denomination of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 were withdrawn through a massive demonetisation drive? Well, there are many theories and arguments, both in favour and against these numbers.
A full-blown price war between three top telecom players, Bharti Airtel, Reliance Jio and Vodafone-Idea, will leave all of them gasping for liquidity given the un-sustainability of their businesses due to the big churn in the telecom industry and the mounting debt levels.
In his exit interview, Sebi chairman UK Sinha has stated that the regulator has been justly “harsh” with those threatening the integrity of the capital market and he doesn’t feel shy about saying that.
Racial slurs, hate crimes and the daylight murder of an Indian technology professional in the US have just moved up the number of serious issues confronting the Indian IT industry.
Are you going through a bout of depression? Chances are that at any given point of time, 5.66 crore Indians are with you, inflicted by various types and stages of depression as well as mental disorders. While depression is not considered a major disorder or health condition in low and middle-income countries like India, it is a serious issue for populace living across Europe and the US.
The billion-rupee question now doing the rounds is how to deal with Rs 700,000 crore non-performing assets (NPA) with 42 scheduled Indian banks. Owing to policy paralysis and ‘sweet heart deals’ swung during 10 years of the previous UPA government, the build up in the NPAs has been exponential, becoming a major drag in implementing Narendra Modi’s development agenda.
Narendra Modi government’s decision on Wednesday to set up 50 solar parks with 500mw each and double the targeted solar power capacity to 40,000mw in less than three years is a tall order. No matter what the Modi government does, unless all the stakeholders — both domestic and foreign — come along, this may not happen.