Editors Column

Will homegrown businessmen rule the roost in global steel industry sweepstakes?

There are many ways to interpret any macro number, but probably foreign direct investment (FDI) numbers can be interpreted in only one way, for what they are. Of course, Cassandras will say that if you include equity investment numbers, FDI will zoom up.

The Modi government has been wishfully chasing the Golden Fleece on black money forever. Unfortunately this obsession has been most unsuccessful. Several attempts at unearthing black stash have come unstuck. Embarrassingly.

The freefall of the Indian Rupee, with the possibility that it could touch 71-72 against the dollar in the next few months, may turn out to be troublesome for this government.

Is a single rate Goods and Services Tax (GST) workable in the Indian context? In several interactions, union minister Arun Jaitley had ruled out such a possibility in the near future in view of the complexity of tariffs, tariff lines and revenue considerations of states and the centre.

Why should state-run insurer Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) become the fallback option for all seasons and that too for the wrong reasons? Should the government be allowed to use LIC as a dump yard setting aside reasoned argument behind several of its moves?

The ranking-conscious Modi government has a reason to squirm at a recent global poll rating India as the most dangerous country in the world for women. Led by prime minister Modi, his cabinet ministers leave no stone unturned to forcefully point out the turnaround of India’s fortunes in the ranking business.

As reported by this paper in its Monday edition, the government is considering selling the iconic Air India building and the possible buyer could be the shipping ministry. There are good and bad parts to this proposed deal. The good part is that Air India needs money for its day-to-day operations, and for this the government has two choices.

The decision of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to increase crude output by one million barrels per day is expected to have a salutary impact on international oil prices. The enhanced output beginning next month will help large oil consumption countries like the US, China and India to deal with shortages and help re-balance their budgets.

India has been sucked into the whirlpool of a raging global trade war involving the big boys. And, the country finds itself in the midst of a massive tariff and trade re-engagement with the US on the one side, and the European Union and China on the other.