Specialisation is the key to globalisation

From starting a football club to owning an event marketing company called Sphinx Adonis Events across the country and then going global has been indeed an eventful journey for two brothers, who are targeting a turnover of Rs 25 crore next fiscal. This financial year they are targeting Rs 15 crore. While owning a football club at a young age was a big dream come true, taking that football club to a successful global event management company was beyond imagination, as it were. But a few years of sheer hard work down the line just took Dheeraj, 42 and his younger brother Vikram Waghray, 39, there.

It all started around two decades ago. The die-hard football fans Dheeraj and Vikram owned a football club called Sphinx back in 1994. Post school, while they played for Maharashtra state, their immense love and dedication for the game was their motivation to start their own club under the Pune District Football Association, which in its maiden year progressed to the Second Division League. Owning a club without financial resources was a big challenge, and to fund their initiative, the duo planned a fundraising event by organising an inter collegiate fashion and dance competition. And it clicked. The club raised funds and the brothers got an avenue for business. With the event management industry growing rapidly, the brothers started creating niche for themselves to be successful. While working for a global Indian motorcycle manufacturer, they learnt early “to specialise one needs to sacrifice.” So in 2003, Sphinx was renamed Sphinx Adonis Events and sacrificed the business of promotions, activation, Bollywood promotions, IP properties, lifestyle events and started focusing on managing factory inauguration events. And LG Electronics was its very first client and there was no looking back.

A few years later, the same client, during their annual AGM mentioned to the shareholders that ‘specialisation is the key to globalisation’ and Sphinx has just begun doing that. They branded themselves as being specialists of managing factory inauguration events. Now Sphinx has created a global footprint with the brand EVENTWALA and set up its wholly owned subsidiaries in Dubai, Singapore and Sri Lanka. 

Michael Gonsalves